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2010 Bmw 760li

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  • mk26
    05-27 08:28 AM
    Looks like this is another bigger issue after our green card issue. Can we do something about this?

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  • rvendra
    05-25 01:55 PM
    My case transferred to USCIS local office and below is the case status:
    EB 2 Dec 15 2003 - No updates so far
    This case has been sent to another office for processing and on September 18, 2009 we sent you a notice explaining this action. Please follow any instructions on this notice. You will be notified by mail when a decision is made, or if the office needs something from you. If you move while this case is pending, please use our Change of Address online tool to update your case with your new address or call our customer service center at 1-800-375-5283.

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  • 2010 BMW 760Li

  • rayoflight
    09-24 01:40 PM
    ... what about the existing backlog. They need to address the backlog even before they can think of raising fees or admin fixes.


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  • dhiru
    08-03 03:16 PM
    I have similar issue, I have applied for the EAD renewal on May 18th and received the notice on May 24th. My EAD is expiring on August 18th, and still have not heard back from USCIS. I have called the USCIS on July 26th and opened a service request, but it got rejected asking me to wait for 90 business days. What are my options ?

    a. Can I still keep working?
    b. Should I quit my job?
    c. Can I take unpaid vacation?

    Please help...



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  • reddymjm
    05-16 02:53 PM
    Sent an email to 20 of my friends @ work to that and following up with them.

    Some of my friends got the response saying that they are getting lot of calls and your name is added to MI phone list.

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  • sam_hoosier
    08-25 11:54 AM
    Before someone gives you answer...can you answer this. Why someone should help you or provide any answer to you. In the last two years your post count is 5. So never participated in any drive, help fund raise....first IV need to get ride of selfish &*^%& like you. I wish and request others not to answer you...

    Dude, you could have made the same point witout being rude. We claim to be educated people, trying to get a greencard based on our educational qualifications/skills. Lets try & demonstrate some civil behavior first :mad:


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  • rajmehrotra
    07-09 01:48 PM
    Lawyers do not refund any payments (period).

    An Indian saying comes to mind (roughly translated): Never try to snatch the sugarcane out of an elephant's mouth.

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  • vedicman
    10-20 11:16 AM
    what else can be expected of him??

    guess he just spews his venom without listening or reading the responses he gets for his callouts...


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  • pappu
    12-31 09:03 AM
    Is your case complicated or has multiple applications?

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  • ss2005
    07-24 10:17 AM
    Hi hydubadi,

    I am aslo in same situation ... FNU and Pending 485.

    My attorney says... just write a letter after chaning the name in passport. Mine is a name split issue.

    My old passport has Last Name = Last Name + First NAme and First NAme = Blank and visa etc it is FNU

    I got my H1B visa inside the US and when I went to the consulate, the lady refused to stamp my visa. I had to go to the passport office and get an "observation" that my name should be read as
    First Name : "FirstName"
    Last Name : "LastName"


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  • Michael chertoff
    02-19 10:05 AM
    Hello, I'm wondering what steps I need to take in order to help my husband become a US resident (eventually a citizen but one step at a time). I have figured out that we need to fill out an I-130 but I keep seeing everyone talk about an I-485 and I'm curious if we need to use that one as well, and how many others???

    Really quickly, our history: I'm a 19 year old US citizen by birth, and my husband is a 27 year old undocumented alien from Mexico. We just got married on Valentines day 2011 and I'm pregnant also which is why I would prefer to do this quickly as to prevent a possible deportation although he is an amazingly wonderful guy who's never had a run in with the law, it's just a constant concern of mine. =( He also has a 5 year old son from a previous marriage with an American woman (she cheated on him, and then divorced him) who we eventually would like to get custody for since his mother is a very bad person but that's another story.

    I realize this is a complicated process that most people would suggest using a lawyer for, but I know there's people out there that have accomplished this without one and so that is my goal to do this on our own but I'm thinking that some advice from experienced individuals would benefit me greatly in this task. =) Any help you're willing to give would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks so much <3

    Fifteen minutes, could save you 15 percent or more on your car insurance.

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  • heywhat
    10-24 01:37 PM
    I gave you green .. be happy .. and keep helping others

    Someone gave me a red dot for this post. Why?? Now folks think twice before trying to help someone on this forum, you might get a negative reputation.


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  • TomPlate
    01-09 03:30 PM
    why i got red?????? I am saying it is going to be current.

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  • GKBest
    08-03 08:25 PM
    You can always file Motion to open the denied case.You also need to go through the reasons for denial , which you will be knowing soon in USCIS response.Without knowing the reason for denial , it will be pure speculation suggesting future course of action.You can continue to work untill your case is being adjudicated.

    From the way I understand if the case is denied, you cannot work but you are authorized to stay if your appeal has been decided in your favor. However, some lawyers say that you can work with the H1 employer since the decision is not yet final. So which one is correct?


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  • psaxena
    02-04 06:02 PM
    Lets meet up on the weekend in a park or something, we can do the potluck. It will be an open place , so no restriction or shortage of space if there are a lot of people. Would be a good social networking and also the meeting as well.

    I am open to all the suggestions. I am pretty new to the website, can administrator provide the list, that can be used to communicate


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  • waitin_toolong
    07-30 01:31 PM

    dependent getting the approval before primary happens, and the good news about that is that you will be approved as well. Sometimes the people who are supposed to update the system and issue notices dont get to all the applications at one time. or maybe they forget to commit the transaction :)

    To those wondering about how he was able to file should browse through archives of bulletins to note that his PD was current at a particular time. and current in July hence approval.

    Lets not get upset over the good luck of others. Sometimes it is so hard to be happy for others when our own conditions seem a little gloomy.


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  • fittan
    03-18 12:24 PM

    1) Anyone can start a company...just called the IRS, get an EIN number and then go your state office to establish the LLC or other entities. However, if you're on H1 or H4 CANNOT be an active partner. This means that you CANNOT receive any forms of INCOME. Profit distribution during tax filing ok.'re not receiving a salary are you?

    2) Hence, it is "better" to partner with someone who can legally work. In case of an audit, you can claim that you're the silent partner and the other partner does all the work.


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  • gcphul
    12-14 09:37 AM

    I have recevied I-140 RFE on all of the above u mentioned 1,2,3. i have 3 years degree.Labour doesnt match with edu.i am hpoing to get reject :).thats what attorney saying.

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  • fromnaija
    04-20 05:28 PM
    IF you move to a different city that is not within the same Metroplolitan Area, yes you will have to restart your GC process. The good news however is that you can retain the priority date if your old I-140 is approved.

    02-05 10:12 AM
    Shahuja and Raju,
    thanks for your reply, let's hope you get them soon.

    04-09 02:58 PM
    This might help

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