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  • optimist578
    04-10 11:22 AM
    My EAD is going to expire in 3 months and I am filing for my renewal now. What can be done if you don't get the EAD renewal response before the expiry of the current one ?
    I heard somewhere, that if you don't receive the renewal notice within 60 days, then you can approach the local USCIS office and get a temporary EAD card for 90 days.
    Anybody knows more ?

    EB3 PD Mar 2003
    I-485, AP, EAD filed in July 07
    EAD expiring on July 31st 2008.

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  • MatsP
    June 5th, 2007, 05:54 AM
    From this ( I take it that the answer to your questions is:
    It doesn't detract from the image quality.
    It doesn't change the aperture (speed) of the lens.

    However, you only get manual focusing, manual exposoure and manual aperture settings. So you don't get any of the fancy features that the camera offers.

    Considering that the above site is asking a rather large amount of money for the adapter itself, I'd say that it's probably only worth it if you find some good old manual Nikon lenses [it's no point in getting fancy AF, VR lenses, as either of those features will not work anyways].


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  • senk1s
    09-12 09:10 PM
    LUD = somebody 'looked' at your case for something ...
    On the positive side it means that the app is not lost

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  • parsu
    02-02 08:27 PM
    Should not be a problem. I used Cobra while I am on H1 and changed the Employer.


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  • apb
    03-18 02:32 PM
    AT JFK. Just showed AP and passport. Went through US citizen/resident line, again to separate counter and no questions. Very cool and very very friendly CBP officers.

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  • fide_champ
    03-15 08:34 AM
    My father passed away recently and my mother wishes to travel with my wife and I on a visitor visa.

    How can she apply for 10 year multiple entry visa? Can she return after the visa expires, after a month? Any experiences anyone can share? Are there any reasons why some visas get denied?

    My wife and I are permanent residents and we want to know whether this is of any advantage/disadvantage.

    Any pointers/info/help are much appreciated. I looked through the relevant IV threads and yes, they are informative but rules change all the time and I decided to just go ahead and post this thread to get the latest feedback.

    Has your mother gotten US visitor visa before? The most important point is to prove to the consulate that your mom will return back from USA. To prove that you need to show some strong ties in your home country. Now that she is a widow it can work against her unless your siblings are still in india. All other things are secondary.
    The number of years for the visa can range from 3 months to 10 years and it depends on how strong your mother's case is.


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  • quizzer
    06-25 05:27 PM
    Any recent approvals in NSC?

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  • vishwasc
    10-03 01:41 AM
    I received an RFE for my Birth Certificate as the Originals were not available as it was submitted to the school during admissions and when i spoke to them they said that we cannot issue you the original certificate. So i went to my native and requested the Municipal to issue me a BC and they agreed and issued me a copy with all the details but the certificate was dated March 2009 as the issuing date which was not accepted by the USCIS and they sent me a RFE for my birth certificate.

    I have read the posts on this forum but none of them relates to my issue. I have a duplicate copy issued by the Municipal Authority which contains the seal and signature of the authorized gazetted officer. This is the same certificate which was submitted to the embassy and based on which i received my K1 Visa. What should i do? Please this is very very urgent as i have to submit the RFE by end of this month. Can i just submit a letter with 2 affidavit's from my family explaining to them that in India you don't receive birt certificate back from school or the graduation certificates do not contain your parents name and place of birth.

    what is my best way to tackle this Rfe?



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  • homers
    05-29 09:02 AM
    I can also help out with giving people rides and such.

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  • manjariagrawal
    04-05 05:34 PM

    Can a H4 visa holder apply for the Praxis test series and then apply for State Teacher Certification. I know on H4 we can't work but is it possible , just getting the Teacher Certification.

    If it's not possible on H4 then I have an option to convert H4 to L2 (as my husband will change his status from H1 to L1) and get EAD.Can after that can I get the Teacher Certification from PA ?

    I checked on PA State Teacher Certification requirement for Foreign Educated Teachers and there is one point like this.

    - is a citizen of the United States or holds an resident alien (green card) visa

    Will EAD/H4 considered as Resident Alien Visa ?
    Or without Green Card it's not possible to get this Certificate ?

    Please help me.


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  • jsb
    01-02 10:34 AM
    I am thinking of leaving my current employer & joining the primary vendor for the client, wondering if my employer can hold back last month's salary OR how people have handled such situations.

    Thanks for your reply.

    Why should the employer hold your salary? If you had any agreement for paying back cost of your GC processing for leaving within a certain period, that would not hold any more (since last June such agreements are illegal)

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  • glus
    01-20 07:56 PM
    Has anyone been able to call USCIS premium processing toll free number today and talk to an Officer. I have been unable to get to an Officer today but was able to talk before. I am wondering whether there is a limit on how many times you can call(I have called 3 times so far in 10 days) or if you can't call after so many days have passed after your application is approved.

    I have been contacting to get my priority date corrected on I-140 approval. Please respond if anyone has information

    You cannot fix a priority date error through a phone! This is a serious thing and would need to be corrected through a letter from an attorney or something like that.



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  • goel_ar
    07-26 07:36 AM
    But it won't have to go through lottery?

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  • gparr
    March 2nd, 2005, 07:38 AM
    Nice composition. Lighting seems a little flat/dead and it needs a little more sky detail. Did a minor bit of processing to see if I could make it better. See what you think.


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  • lazycis
    07-02 10:24 AM
    Not sure if it was already posted, but I'll post it anyway

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  • need4gc
    09-08 05:30 PM
    I called USCIS and got the information.....they had already generated the receipt number


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  • chanduv23
    07-10 09:15 AM
    Lets us all convey a big thanks to these guys who worked/are working on this effort.

    A big thanks to all the members who actively participated and participating in the flower campaign.

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  • dallasdude
    02-23 01:41 PM
    Can anyone be kind enough to tell me how to talk to a real person at the Vermont Service center? It has been over a month since my employer received the receipt number from USCIS, but the case cannot be found online. I tried calling the number below, but the robot that talks says the same detais that I can find online.

    "Your case can not be found at this time in Case Status Online. Please check your receipt number and try again. If you need further assistance please call the National Customer Service Center at 1.800.375.5283."

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  • gchopes
    04-05 12:46 PM
    Hi all,

    My insurance company (Progressive) is charging a ridiculously high rate for liability only insurance for my H4 spouse who currently holds a valid permit. They say the rate will go further up when she gets a perm license after passing the road test.

    I have heard this issue from other H1Bs who have different insurance carriers than mine.

    Have you guys found a cheaper alternative? Insurance agents etc??


    07-11 11:01 AM
    A similar statement is mentioned on not sure the validity, but sounds interesting.:)

    12-06 05:19 PM
    Thanks sumanitha,

    I was curious if somebody is more sure about this?

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