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  • TheCanadian
    11-09 10:32 PM
    If you do submit all 600 of your buttons, can I bow out from judging?

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  • hojo
    08-17 10:07 AM
    maybe im being an idiot or something, but why would you want to import swift3d to maya or lightwave..?

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  • trump_gc
    03-12 12:58 PM
    Just make the switch,,thats it! Its that simple!! Make sure when u join the new company they file your perm asap and when u r in the 140 stage, you could work with your lawyer to port your old PD. AC21 has made life better!

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  • MArch172008
    07-02 12:51 PM
    If wife name is not mentioned what is the consequence?


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  • gc_on_demand
    12-04 11:05 AM
    Hi Guys,

    Could someone provide me with the Employment Letter Format (Based on this format, I will get my Employment Letter from my Employer) which I can show at POE, chicago while coming back from INDIA.

    Thanks a lot


    your regular employment letter that you get from HR should work. There is no special format for POE.

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  • bongbox
    01-26 07:07 AM
    hey sharif do mind telling me what frame rate you used in your site?


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  • vegasbaby
    05-11 11:52 PM
    Better option would be to get her to US on any non-immigrant visa. Get your citizenship & file for her GC.

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  • GKBest
    09-28 05:02 PM
    I filed on July 2nd and was received at NSC on July 3rd by R. Williams at 9:03 a.m.


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  • anandGC
    04-27 09:21 AM
    Good morning! Please clarify for my case details given below :
    Labor approved, I140 denied for ability to pay. Employer had filed MTR with current tax returns documents. The labor has been filed & approved less than 180 days and I140 pending with MTR. H1B expires in 15th May 2011 completing all six years and no recapture periods left.
    The questions are:
    1. Can I file an extension of H1 with pending MTR and with less than year old labor application?
    2. Is it legal to stay in US after May 2011 while MTR is pending and H1 extension is filed before expiry?
    3. In case, if the MTR is denied, would the illegal/out of status will start from 15th May 2011 or from the date the MTR is denied?

    Thank you
    Best regards,

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  • dxldad
    05-18 11:48 AM
    My friend lost her green card while she was on vacation in China. She got a temporary green card to travel in a week or so which facilitated her entry into US and once she reached here, she just applied for another green card claiming the initial one as lost. There were no issues except the travel delay and the monetary loss.


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  • sbmallik
    04-05 11:42 AM
    I don't know of any way to detect I-140 revocation. Contacting the employer's legal department is the only solution ...

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  • jamesingham
    08-23 07:53 PM
    I know we cannot Assistantship on H4, but do you know for sure we cannot accept scholarship also ?


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  • Digitalosophy
    06-21 05:51 PM
    Thank you man, it's a shame the client had to front.

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  • keshu_m
    10-21 08:39 AM
    My company applied for my L1B petition in 2007 which was approved and I got an L1 visa in Mar 2007 which was valid until Aug 2009. However I traveled to the U.S only in December 2008. Since my L1 visa was expiring by Aug I applied for a L1 extension in May 2009. This was rejected in August due to some confusion with the I-94. So I had to travel back to India in Aug 2009.

    I then applied for a fresh L1 visa based on my company's L1 Blanket petition. I got this new L1 visa in Sep 2009 and returned back to the U.S. This new visa is valid until Sep 2011.

    My question is can I apply for another L1 extension?

    Will my visa duration or stay duration be considered when applying for another extension?
    I have stayed in the U.S on L1 status only from Dec 2008 - Am I not allowed 5 years?

    Also I am not sure whether I have exhausted my quota of extensions. Will my case be considered as 2.5 years the first time and 2 years extension the second time?
    Or will the Blanket visa be considered a fresh start allowing me another extension?

    Also what will happen if I transfer to H1 at this point of time ... will my L1 stay duration or my L1 visa duration be considered when deciding the H1 visa validity?

    Please help with some answers...


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  • jettu77
    10-01 03:54 PM

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  • ravi.shah
    10-06 03:58 PM
    USCIS is increasing fees of various applications from 23, November 10

    USCIS - Fact Sheet: After Public Comment, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Announces Final Rule Adjusting Fees for Immigration Benefits ( D&vgnextchannel=68439c7755cb9010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1 RCRD)

    Thanks for the link Raghu...


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  • rkumar28
    02-18 11:48 AM

    I have an approved I-140 and have applied for the I-485 in August 2007 and got my and my wife’s EAD and AP in October 2007, which we are periodically renewing. I am the primary applicant in the GC application.

    The company which sponsored my GC is a small Information Technology firm.

    I am currently working fulltime with another company using my EAD. I came to know that my previous company who sponsored my green card is not doing well.

    My question is:

    1) What happens to my Green Card application if my GC sponsored company shutsdown or file for bankruptcy?

    2) Since I am working on EAD, what will be my status, if my GC sponsored company shuts down or file for bankruptcy?

    3) What happens to my GC application?

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  • jettu77
    09-28 02:54 PM

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  • ajju
    09-06 12:02 PM
    Ajju, Mine & wife's applications for 485/EAD/AP reached Nebraska on 07/25/07 and I have receipt dates of 08/27/07. I'm yet to receive it from my lawyer. Found out the LIN #'s from the back of my encashed check. No finger print notice yet. I do not think every one who filed between 07/17/07 to 08/17/07 will have a receipt date of 07/17/07


    8/27 should be your Notice Date... per online status it will say received on 8/27.. but its ND... Once you get physical receipts... the RD has to be 7/24 in all normal scenarios... But for July fiasco filers.. I think it could be just 7/17... Update once you get the physical receipts.. I may be wrong... just noticed this in one case only yet...

    03-31 09:14 PM
    My lawyer initiated the PERM process late last year, the timeline was such that the prevailing wage request was filed with State Workforce Agency (SWA) on 12-30-2009. The SWA prevailing wage determination was received back by my lawyer on the 1/11/10.

    Subsequently the recruitment process started and everything was going smooth. The PERM was supposed to be filed in the first week of April. My lawyer now is saying that they need to push the application filing because of the new rule which came into effect Jan 1st which requires all prevailing wage requests to be filed with the DOL. The rule states that:

    On January 1, 2010, the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) changed the way that prevailing wage determinations (PWDs) are processed for the PERM, H-1B, H-1B1 (Chile/Singapore), E-3 (Australia), and H-2B programs. PWDs are now issued by DOL�s National Prevailing Wage and Helpdesk Center (NPWHC) in Washington, DC. Below are updated Frequently Asked Questions about the new process.

    From my understanding the new law should not be applicable to me, since we filed for the PWD on 12/30/09. I am not sure why we need to reinitiate the process, since the new law is _effective_ as of 01/01/2010.

    Is anyone in a similar situation or anyone has any advice?

    02-17 03:15 PM
    I have a pending I-485.
    My case was file in jan 02. I have approved labour and I-140. I filed my I-485 in Jun 2005 and have an EAD and parole. How do I find when can I file my spouse's case.
    visit and look under emploment category

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