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  • Qwest905
    Apr 6, 01:34 PM
    for the wife

    preordered for myself the playbook =)

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  • AppliedVisual
    Oct 17, 04:36 PM
    Few bucks!!! The cheapest HD-DVD player the Toshiba HD-A1 is now under $400. I have seen the XA1 for under $600 now. The cheapest BD player is $999 and don't even bring up the PS3!! People are not going in droves to buy a PS3 just to play their BD-ROM media. Also, it will not even be available for a while.

    PS3 = November 24. But if you're not already on a waiting list (and near the front) don't count on getting yours before Christmas.

    The only difference between the Toshiba A1 and XA1 is that the XA1 has a different front bezel and a serial control interface. There is no difference in audio, video or other capabilities. Don't buy the XA1 unless you're using an AMX, Crestron, Zantec or similar control system that uses a serial control.

    That being said, I saw the RCA version of the A1 at my Local Sam's Club last week for $329.99.

    OTOH, when considering the next generation HD-DVD players and announced prices in comparison with BluRay and the curious fact that all HD-DVD features thus far average $8 more from most retailers vs. Blu-Ray, the cost of the two formats is identical to a consumer who picks up a library of about 40 or more films. At current pricing, buying a $1K BluRay player and 100 movies (oh, wait there aren't 100 movies yet), would be cheaper than a $400 HD-DVD player and 100 movies (also not that many yet). So it's too early to tell what's going to happen....

    IMO, I wouldn't buy the Samsung BP1000 player anyway. It's a complete turd and there's a lot more wrong with it than the image softening effect going on in the scaler. IMO, I doubt any firmware update is going to fix this player and Samsung is going to try and patch it as best as they can and move on as quietly as possible.

    Also the PS3 will be to BluRay what the PS2 was to DVD... It will just be a capable player and nothing more. You won't get the advanced audio capabilities of the BDP-S1 player or the same color depth and image processing hardware. The PS3 uses a software-based player, which does leave some room for future upgrades though. While I have not seen a PS3 in action, I've been two several Sony demonstrations of the BDP-S1 and several of their reps have said that the PS3 will be a second-rate player and primarily a game system.. Well, duh.

    Not that it really matters... Current estimages from IGN and others put PS3 pre-order numbers at a staggering 14 million (world-wide). I think that's a gross over-estimate given the PS3's intro price. But even if it's half of that, that pretty much ensures instant BluRay success overnight. Toshiba has yet to ship 200,000 HD-DVD units.

    And no I don't think the format "war" will end anytime soon... I just don't see either format losing enough ground to actually be pulled from the market.

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  • balamw
    Apr 26, 08:33 PM
    Of course I like help Dejo and I know you have help a lot people, you have even helped me before this thread and I appreciate it a lot. I said that because so many seasoned developers just throw that bomb at newbies so often when they try to find answers in forums (not just this one), it happens not only in Programming but in many other professional environments, people just shoot to kill when some new guy makes a basic mistake, but luckily not all, some people do like to help (or enjoy) and have the patience to explain even the dumbest detail.

    Please take the time to read the two guides I linked in my response a few posts back.

    This: Easy fellows.. :) .. those are not pointers ...

    Then yes, they are indeed pointers to timers.
    is exactly what they seek to avoid.

    Help us help you.

    You take it as a "bomb" when in fact it is a request to get on the same page.


    I want to tell one timer to start and if I press cancel, invalidate it. Then If I press start again, call the second timer. (I do this because I read that you can't reuse a timer after you invalidate it).

    So this will effectively be a stopwatch that can only by started and stopped twice?

    Is that the intent?

    EDIT: Have a look at this tutorial: Do you understand why it doesn't need to define two timers?


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  • pudrums
    Apr 11, 05:20 PM
    21 Gramm

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  • citizenzen
    Apr 17, 10:14 PM
    We should add left handed history ahead of gay history ...

    Last night I was watching a program called The Real King's Speech, a documentary on Prince Albert's/King George VI's struggle to deal with his speech impediment.

    At least twice it was mentioned that he was born left-handed and forced by his father (with regression therapy perhaps?) to use his right hand.

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  • calculus
    Jan 12, 02:42 AM
    i was hoping for something revolutionary.

    Overthrow of the government?

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  • maczter
    Nov 20, 12:29 PM
    ...VIA has done more to hurt AMD's acceptance in the mainstream than Intel could ever have hoped to do.

    Anyone know who's making the fantabulously spotty logic boards for the MacBook Pros? They bought one for me at work and it's getting ready to go in for its 3rd logic board replacement. I've used Macs since '92 and owned several of my own since '96 and I've never had to replace anything but a worn out (noisy) fan in a PowerMac. This thing's really starting to annoy me.

    it would mean backstabbing and betrayal if apple went with amd.

    Seriously though, what's the big deal? These days CPU's don't cost much more than mid-range GPU's, but you don't hear anyone freaking out when Apple offers both NVidia *and* ATI GPU's in the Mac Pro and the iMac. :eek:

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  • GSMiller
    Jan 15, 09:22 PM
    I don't know what is more lame...

    The fact that Gizmodo actually pulled such a stunt or that Motorola used a presenter with a British accent.

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  • JAT
    Apr 17, 10:28 PM
    Plus Android devices seem loaded with uninstallable Google services.
    But I don't trust Google's motives. When Android stands on its own then it might be something great.

    If they are uninstallable, how'd they get loaded in there?

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  • Fast Shadow
    Apr 16, 03:16 PM
    Those photos look so fake. I really don't think Apple is going to hard edges on the rear of the iPhone case.

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  • Plutonius
    Aug 3, 12:05 PM
    We'd be better off with diesels or diesel hybrids. People don't want to admit it, but those are currently our best options IMO.

    +1 ....

    That will most likely be my next car.

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  • NAG
    Jan 12, 09:12 PM
    If given a chance? What does that mean?

    You think if Wired had done this they wouldn't have been banned?

    See, loaded. You're warping what I'm saying so you can brush me off and continue to scapegoat gizmodo for something completely separate.

    Think about this.

    Did I ever say gizmodo probably wasn't going to get banned?

    Did I actually say the opposite?

    Did I bring up Wired anywhere in this thread or link them to various pranks?

    Was I actually trying to make you look at the statement that implied blind faith in print media as being a bastion of truth and being isolated from such pranking?

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  • xVeinx
    Apr 29, 01:58 PM
    These naysayers have been moaning and groaning about iOS forever. They will continue to do so forever. In the meantime the rest of the world will get on with using some great software (many of it free) and getting a lot of things done.

    I'm glad Apple is pushing things forward. The last thing I want to see is OS X stagnate. Since we are now in the post-PC era, ideas from iOS are precisely what need to be explored. It won't be too many more years from now when the majority of consumer-level computing devices will be tablets running iOS-type gestures. It will be the expected thing to be able to support finger gestures to do common tasks. Any OS that cannot handle this will be considered old-fashioned.

    Apple is doing the right thing by getting the future into OS X. They don't want to be left behind.

    In another sense, the direction of the consumer PC/tablet/etc. will be where Apple takes it. They can play off of their successes with the iPad and iPhone and use that to shift the market to devices where Apple has a substantial amount of IP, experience, and expertise. It's one thing to be an alternative, as opposed to a shift where everything else becomes a (less desirable) alternative. That's where Apple is trying to go. Obviously not everyone agrees, but they have thus far made substantial inroads. Apple is increasingly a consumer-focussed company, so the utility of an interface in OS X, for instance, may suffer in it's usability for the "power user." It's hard to say though how much compromise will be made, as the dramatic changes in Final Cut Pro's upcoming release indicate a continued commitment to at least one sub-group of power users.

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  • Branskins
    Apr 30, 12:33 PM
    Look at us debating this, I am sure Apple is having a hard time determining what to do too! I have a feeling they like it to, but you are correct that it is confusing when there are only two options.

    However, this doesn't mean I think it should go away. It just needs a little more tweaking! :D

    Also, I am glad they are going with the squarish buttons. It's amazing how more modern it feels compared to the rounded buttons!

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  • qtx43
    Apr 16, 09:38 AM
    ... "Apple seriously need to reconsider leaving out 3G and the ability to install software if they want to make it in the smart phone business", a phone that doesn't let you install new software is by definiton not a smart phone. ...I find this whole "Apple invented the smartphone" argument amusing. But your sentence there, in all its self-contradictory glory, gets to the heart of the matter. The word 'smartphone' preexisted the iPhone (by your own admission). So no matter what new features it had, and however much it revolutionized the market, the iPhone was not the first smartphone. Come up with a new word, maybe GeniusPhone. Apple likes the word 'genius'.

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  • InTheUnion
    Mar 24, 03:21 PM
    I'm so proud to say that I share the same birthday as an operating system :p

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  • Chundles
    Sep 12, 12:21 AM
    Here's to a ripe Apple Wednesday morning, followed by a Liverpool win.

    Yep, love my "New Hardware Wednesdays." Followed by "Watch Keynote Wednesday Afternoons whilst downloading new versions of software and saving pdf files of every new hardware page."

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  • KnightWRX
    Mar 25, 06:21 AM
    Happy BD keynote?!

    They didn't even put up a small square on their Mac sub-page.

    I do hope OS X still has a good 10 years in front of it. The best of both worlds for Unix people.

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  • TheChillPill
    Jan 6, 04:03 AM
    I would love to do this, but I'm put off by the whole 'unusable stream' thing that is inevitable for the first day or so.

    It's a shame Apple don't use the same tech used for their movie trailers - at least that way I can wait until it's half loaded before I start watching. That way it can be watched without any stutters or pauses.

    Even better, a full download via bittorrent would be ideal - and no doubt save them a packet on bandwidth.

    That said, am I correct in thinking that you can save the completed file with QT Pro? Perhaps someone could do that and make a torrent from it?

    Jan 15, 04:10 PM
    iPhone and Touch: Stay jailbroken.

    MBA: Sexy but no use to me.

    The rest: Meh...

    That pretty much summarizes my feelings too :(

    Apr 7, 04:06 PM
    Another 'proper' video game.

    Full of 2D goodness.

    Oct 3, 03:09 PM
    Well this does seem to indicate that despite all the reports of SJ's declining health, they expect him to survive at least until Jan 2007...

    Nov 23, 07:05 PM
    I got a black macbook for my father today and when I asked the girl at the cash register if I should wait until tomorrow she replied that if the price goes down on the macbook, they will adjust the price for me. I hope that's really true. She even said that it wouldn't be fair to penalise me because I wanted to buy a computer the day before a sale...hmmm. Does anybody know how this would work? Do I need to bring it in again, or can I just bring the receipt?

    Bring it in with you...they will most likely do a return and repurchase using the same serial number, so you don't actually swap computers. Bring it with you to show them you are upset and serious. Remember...they don't HAVE to help you but most likely will.

    Apr 29, 01:20 PM
    Damn, I can't wait for the public release of this.

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