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  • Torster
    Apr 21, 01:34 AM
    The new Final Cut Pro X will take full advantage of all cores and as much RAM as you can throw at it.

    Its fully optimized for OpenCL, Grand Central Dispatch, and is native 64-bit. Pair a 12-core with 64 GB of RAM and a wicked OpenCL-compatible graphics card and you'll have a monster FCP machine.

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  • NoSmokingBandit
    Oct 9, 10:37 PM
    Andy McKee. That man is a genius.

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  • WesCole
    Apr 22, 08:16 AM
    I'm a little confused, I understand the OSX and bootcamp win7 on the SSD but why are you partitioning the 750GB HDD? You might want to format the 750GB as mac osx journaled and get macdrive for win7, that way windows can write to both the bootable osx and the 750GB drive.

    I have one drive with 3 partitions. SL, Lion and win7 and can share files between each OS. Just a suggestion... :)

    I understand that part of the equation, but I was wondering if windows would give me the option to install programs (like office and photoshop) to the second hard drive. For example, would the installer be able to tell that it is a hard drive that windows can use to install programs?

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  • jenzjen
    Apr 17, 08:05 PM
    Not sure why you didn't just move along instead of posting a snide comment. I read the product review and saw a variety of answers. I came here to confirm them

    Just trying to show you a much more efficient method. You would have had your answer in less than 3 minutes plus I didn't say anything about the reviews, the product page itself clearly states product does not support audio.

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  • flipster
    May 6, 08:27 PM
    I called Apple, they said it's most likely a graphics card failing (I agree).

    The weird thing is, is that 10-15 in while playing a game, it completely locks up, but the mouse cursor is movable (weird).

    You have to hold the power button to get it to work again. But once booted back into OS X, it's slow, and the screen flickers once, and then locks up again.
    The TechDoolDeluxe tests came back normal too....

    This only happens when gaming for about 10 mintues, and then the lock ups happen. (weird thing is mouse cursor is still movable)

    Any thoughts?

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  • Victor ch
    Jan 12, 09:32 PM
    Somehow its just doesn't sound like a good name for a laptop. Maybe the whole "There's something in the air" is relevant to the [insert feeling here] there is going to be after a new product(s) is/are presented. My thoughts only.Im still anxious to see what EL Jobso has for us fanboys!


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  • R94N
    Dec 1, 04:31 PM
    I suppose with things like this you've got nowhere to go once you've moved in. Obviously no one else will want to buy the house once everyone finds out it's true past. It sounds awful.

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  • szark
    Jul 22, 05:37 PM
    Most users ever online was 1112 on 07-22-2002 at 10:17 AM

    Wow! :eek:

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  • 66775
    Apr 27, 10:54 AM
    by the way, I just ran a "fsck -fy" test and the msg was "The volume MacIntosh HD appears to be OK"

    Please help :(

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  • MacBytes
    Sep 15, 10:58 PM
    Category: Mac Websites
    Link: 8 of Amazon\'s 12 top-selling desktops are Macs - top 3 are iMac G5s (http://www.macbytes.com/link.php?sid=20040915235859)
    Posted on MacBytes.com (http://www.macbytes.com)

    Approved by Mudbug

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  • sbddude
    May 4, 10:19 PM
    it could be that I am in a no service area for most of the day and the phone keeps trying to get the service so maybe I just need to switch it into airplane mode whenever I have no service.

    That's exactly why.

    Do you have WiFi in that area? If you are connected to WiFi when in a fringe area, it will help.

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  • mnkeybsness
    Jul 2, 04:54 PM
    Originally posted by Billicus
    you can hide everything but the finder by option clicking the finder's icon in the dock.

    clicking the finder icon will merely bring all finder windows to the front.

    i prefer the expose way of showing the finder.

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  • dmw007
    Apr 6, 08:30 PM
    Why am I folding?


    1) To help find a cure for disease.
    2) To help the MR Folding Team.
    3) Makes me feel good to have my Mac doing something important.
    4) Keeps me nice and warm during winter (and rather hot unfortunately during summer).


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  • Love
    Apr 9, 07:10 PM
    I liked PowerBookMedic - dealt with them a few times, pricey but good.

    ($3 or something for a MacBook key)

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  • DustinT
    Apr 5, 01:20 PM
    Just a follow up to my original review a few weeks later. I'm still quite pleased with these for the money. I think they are a great deal because I'm able to enjoy monitor quality audio on the go from a wide variety of devices for a fair price. That's a great deal.

    I use these regularly while working out and have no issues with sweat or them coming out. In fact, I find them to be a little quieter than what I'm used to when the cord is rubbed, something I can never seem to eliminate.

    One of the things I didn't really appreciate at first is how much noise attenuation these provide, even turned unplugged. So, I find that I tend to play at a lower volume with these than I would on a set of iem's that didn't have the noise reduction.

    The main complaint I have is that the accuracy of these will very quickly reveal if I've got a poor quality recording. Now, I don't find these to be unforgiving at all. Just very accurate.

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  • amusiccale
    Jun 20, 08:51 AM
    As for pricing considerations, refurb. 3rd gens (4gb) start at $99 in the apple store, ipod2sell suggests $80. That is, of course, without the engraving to consider. I would, however, reemphasize that aside from the engraving, the iPod is in pristine condition.

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  • md63
    Mar 14, 12:21 PM
    I have an original iPad which is jail broken and has displayout installed. I picked up the new HDMI adapter from the Apple store and every app mirrors perfectly except for Netflix. With Netflix I get a red Netflix screen on my TV, however, the video only plays on the iPad.

    All other applications including Air Video, ABC player, and Videos installed through iTunes play on both screens.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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  • yoyo5280
    Oct 19, 04:30 AM
    cool! thanks!

    same 2 you :)

    (i luv apple shirts :) )

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  • Natesac
    May 4, 05:12 PM
    That's really the beauty of google voice, once you transisition to it you never have to worry about changing numbers again or giving people different numbers. You do have to make that initial transition and give all your contacts a new number BUT it's the last one you will have to hive them.

    Does this provide a seamless way to transition from texting on my iPhone to texting on the iPad and vice versa? I wouldn't even dream of switching numbers unless the experience of sending and receiving texts was better than just using my phone.

    May 3, 11:40 AM
    I have acquired an iMac g4 700 with only a cd drive. I would like to install Tiger via a retail DVD. Can I place the DVD in another machine and install via FireWire?
    Thx rob
    Sure can. I've done it a few times. Just boot the iMac G4 in Target Disk Mode and then install the OS onto its drive from another PowerPC Mac with a DVD drive.

    May 2, 01:11 PM
    just go to finder and applications and move to the trash ?
    Read the link I posted in post #3 if you want to remove all traces of an app.

    Mr. Anderson
    Oct 20, 03:18 PM
    and I might be gone from MR for a while in a few months - so you'll all have a chance to play catchup! :D

    Yeah, alpha just dropped out of the top ten.....not that it really means anything....


    Apr 13, 11:34 AM
    ok, im starting saving up. :)
    also you can connect apple display with mini displayport to thunderbolt. what the diference it would be if a display has thunderbolt? bigger resolution because of higher speed?
    and what would daisy-chaining give me?

    The difference would be just one or two less cables. Hopefully two.

    Nov 16, 02:30 PM
    can you post a screenshot how this is being obtrusive?

    This is how it looks for me

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