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  • flopticalcube
    Mar 28, 08:29 PM
    Not being an American, I won't wade into Constitutional issues but I wish our PM would have stayed out of this as well. It's a very dangerous precedent to meddle in another nation's civil war. Perhaps if the West had stopped playing nurse maid to these dictators in the past the problem wouldn't exist.

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  • balamw
    Mar 15, 02:35 PM
    Top 10 defense contractors employ over 1 million people. If you cut their federal contracts by 40%, how many people will they have to lay off, 40%? 30% 20%. Do the math.

    Why is that different for any other part of the federal budget? Federal $ = Federal jobs + Contractor jobs.

    Just as a rough estimate using the numbers from and

    The total discretionary federal budget is ~1.45T and civilian payroll is ~2.5M This comes out roughly to 580K/direct federal civilian job. (Since military is included in the budget, but not the jobs, it's really should be quite a bit lower than that.) And of course the money that does not go to pay a federal employee's salary or benefits will go to pay the salary of benefits of a government contractor or subcontractor. (The number is not that far off from what I am used to as a budgetary consideration for DoD R&D engineering contracts, so I'll stick with it).

    So a $60B cut (that isn't enough) will result in > 100K federal jobs lost and likely a similar number of first line government contractors.


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  • Groovey
    Nov 8, 06:18 AM
    Finland store still up as well, even though our neighbours in Sweden have their store down already. C'mon Finland & U.S. stores, give up! :D

    Finland down. Aye.

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  • mostman
    Aug 24, 01:27 PM
    Mine IS affected but the site is down! So annoying!

    Doesn't matter. I think the script they were using was broken anyway. I tried to enter my affected serial number a bunch of ways and it wouldn't accept it. My guess is that they took the site down to fix the issue.

    Or it could be because the story hit the front page of Digg :)


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  • DocNo
    Apr 14, 10:43 PM
    The "industry pros" are facing the plight of impending impotence.

    Meh -- there was similar consternation with the original Mac, LaserWriter and PageMaker from the professional printers. And as then, it still is at the end of the day just a tool. The real talent is in how the tool is wielded.

    Those that have at true talent have little to fear. Those that are more marginal... well, time marches on.

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  • iliketyla
    Mar 28, 05:50 PM
    Yep. Hear it all the time. "Protect my family", "Keep my family safe". In other words, kill the other party so that your offspring may live. The attitude needs to change. Yugo's for everyone.

    I used to hear this all the time from my ex-girlfriend. Whenever she drove her mom's expedition she'd claim that she "felt so safe".

    Compensating for poor driving skills with the consumer equivalent of a tank.

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  • mfr1340
    Mar 28, 02:47 PM
    They dont charge you till it ships:) But I Jive with your sentiments dude...I say rewards the folks who've already placed orders

    Thats why they filled 1/2 the order so they could process the cc order. Now I can sit and play with the cover untill 4/26, and I ordered it 3/18

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  • shadowx
    Sep 12, 04:41 PM
    Cool New iPod Sync interface!

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  • cvaldes
    Mar 28, 10:14 PM
    But there are larger venues available, so it is certainly possible to limit the number of attendees by choosing a venue that is too small.
    There are far greater costs/concessions in utilizing those larger venues.

    Moscone Center is the best and largest facility in the SF Bay Area for Apple's needs. It's not like Apple is going to rent out the Oakland Coliseum and spread out a thousand chairs and tables on the football field.

    Going out of town increases the costs enormously: moving equipment and people. Airline flights, per diem meals, hotel rooms, taxis, rental cars, etc. Forgot a couple of boxes of marketing collateral? Moscone Center: have someone drive it up 280. Elsewhere: buy full-fare airline ticket for employee.

    What does it cost Apple to send an engineer to Moscone Center? Employee gets to expense lunch, write off transportation (heck, half of these engineers probably live in SF - they can just take BART or Muni to the event). Let's say $30 a day.

    What does it cost to send an engineer to the L.A. Convention Center or Vegas? Long-term parking at airport, airline flight, $200 hotel, arbitrary $75 per diem meals, rental car/taxi, etc. Could easily end up at $400 per day per person.

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  • danielveeee
    Apr 17, 10:30 AM
    I figured the whole promotion thing was a scam
    But I hve to go to best buy bc a return.
    So I'm sitting outside my bestbuy. No one here.

    But the inventory shows they have some. Think they're for sale?

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  • fmolly
    Nov 27, 01:35 PM
    Ahh A psychedelic ipod me thinks???
    The iPod will sell- but the music- most people who like the Beatles already have the music- it's if they can be bothered paying again with the DRM involved.


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  • Blaxje
    Jan 11, 05:02 PM
    Also notice, the big Apple logo on the banners has an Aluminium finish. Hence the stroke. This is the first time it has a texture like this, does it?

    *Edit: Hell I was wrong. They used this kind of logo last year.*

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  • Laird Knox
    Apr 12, 01:23 PM
    How about, "we want to invest in the US!"


    There should be a law that states anytime a US company chooses to manufacture something outside the US, the company must post a clearly-articulated-less-than-25-page document stating AND COMPARING why the US is unable to manufacture said product.

    Dang Chinese US companies! :confused:

    And we wonder why this country is broke.

    Flat tax across the board. I love Apple, but when a company can spend billions to open a plant in another country just to skirt taxes, there is a problem.

    So the US should penalize a Chinese company for building a plant in Brazil? Good luck with that.

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  • Jimmieboy
    Sep 12, 03:28 PM
    How cool are thenew are the new nano's and also there is a price drop for th 30GB iPod. I want one! Please. It's a real pity the black one has to be 8GB. Why can't we have all the colours or have it white?

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  • Ubuntu
    Sep 12, 06:25 PM
    iLounge has a "First Look" article with photos of all models and accessories. They say that the new nanos have the Search and Smart Scroll feature of the new 5G iPod. Hopefully we with the plastic nanos won't miss out on that. I'm expecting an iPod Updater soon.

    Sadly I don't think the 1G nanos will get them. Remember when the video and nano came out, with the stopclock, security lock, etc? The previous iPods didn't get an update :(.

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  • KT Walrus
    Nov 2, 04:37 PM
    Apple should bundle the ClickToFlash plug-in into Mobile Safari. It prevents flash from running unless you really want it to run. This should address, in part, Apple's stated reason for not allowing flash (battery drain and stability) as the user would only enable it for those parts of the web that they really want to see.

    And, while they are at it, they should enable file uploads in Mobile Safari to upload photos and videos.

    I hate only being able to use part of the internet on my iPhone when there is no technical reason I shouldn't be able to do both Flash on demand and file uploads.

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  • albusseverus
    Jun 29, 06:43 AM
    Mac OS X 11.0? Seriously?
    You mean Mac OS XI?

    Maybe there's room for an X-11 pun in Apple's naming scheme� say if the 1s were index fingers, indicating a unix touch interface.

    And yes, I'd love a touch interface for X.7 and don't care about names. Not being able to touch the screen is bordering on frustrating nowadays. I'd still be happy for an optional keyboard (typing, key command shortcuts, I use them all the time), but moving stuff with a mouse is just inefficient now.

    I can see value in tossing out legacy OS X code for 'new' iOS code and making a clean-start for the next Mac operating system, like OS X was for OS 9.

    Given Apple's success getting Mac OS developers to move to native OS X, you'd have to wonder what the success rate would be moving to an entirely new touch OS. It's not that developers are slow, as much as 'the majority' of customers are even slower, so there's no incentive for developers.

    However, if you sell it as a new line of products, that's a discontinuity that might be perceived as 'new growth' instead of an upgrade/backward compatibility nightmare. You know how managers and stock analysts just love 'new growth areas' and tech sites just love 'new and shiny'.

    Might be another genius move by Steve Jobs to solve the age old problem of backward compatibility. Just start a new product line! I guess we'll find out in less than 60 days now (if the rumours are correct).

    Can't wait.

    P.S. Touch iMacs and MacBooks would have to be wedge shaped, higher at the back for better viewing angle. That stand thingy is the right idea, just think outside the box a little more�the cooling would probably run left-right, not up as iMacs run now.

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  • 2nyRiggz
    Sep 6, 09:58 AM
    Apples whole line-up is impressive....All carrying high performance processers and add ons...I'm not in a hurry for the MBP,MB bumps beacause they are already the imac and minis get a little bit more....good time to be interested in OSX.


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  • Thunderhawks
    Apr 14, 09:22 AM
    I think Mac sales are directly tied to the Halo affect of the iOS devices. The more they sell there, the more people open up to Mac as an alternative. With Lion having more iOS like interfaces, it will make it even more natural for new customers.

    IMO it's a combination of many things.

    Yes, the idevices, but then comes word of mouth. Nothing is more powerful than when you have a friend or colleague who shows you how easily everything works and integrates.

    The learning curve of a Mac is also not steep.

    Overall I think the market for non professional users will shift away from desktop machines as the "books" become more and more powerful.

    Plus their new advertising slogan

    All you need is a Mac and you'll never go back!

    Mr. McMac
    Nov 23, 03:02 PM
    In 40 years let's see how Justin Beiber and Lady Bla Bla are selling. Rock on Beatles!

    Mar 14, 09:06 PM

    Jul 22, 11:33 PM
    Oh, I could sooooo say something here, but it would probably be considered a racist flame-bait, so I'll just steer clear of it.

    But I would say that it won't be me needing that particular feature...

    *mumbles something to self about this being an English-speaking country and runs out of the thread*

    The internet has no country lines; you arn't racist, but you may possibly be unsensitive to the enviorment in which you are speaking as there are a lot of people who would like to learn the spanish language outside the United States.

    Additionally, please remember that although America's most commonly spoken language is English (or several varients of true English), there is no official national language in the United States. The easiest way to make sure that the U.S. stays mainly english (if you want it to) is by simply refusing to do otherwise. Complaining about people who want to learn another language in an atempt to get your point across only makes you look uneducated and rude (and thus is why people would jump to use the term "racist").

    NYY FaN
    Oct 10, 11:03 AM
    27'' iMac i5
    17'' MBP
    iPhone 4
    Logitech Z-2300

    Apr 17, 08:08 PM
    Right, which is why Fortune 500 companies, education, and the medical industry is quickly adopting them. Maybe you need to open your mind a little to possibilities rather than obsess over one small aspect of the iPad.

    What part of the medical industry is adopting the iPad (besides a medical school trying to appear avant garde) and how? I'm a physician at one of the largest pediatric hospitals in the nation and I usually see more iPads at my local Starbucks than at work. So, please enlighten me. Use specific examples please.

    I'm actually typing this on my iPad 2 and find it being sold at a toy store as appropriate. I love it, but let's keep it real here.

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