lunes, 23 de mayo de 2011

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  • Doctor Q
    Nov 24, 01:43 PM
    Her Majesty... off Abbey Road. The entire song is up as the iTunes clips are longer than the track. So if you want, hijack the audio and get a FREE song
    If you think of it that way then Ringo's I've Got Blisters... ( and The End ( are also free. And worth every penny!

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  • iScott428
    Mar 29, 11:04 AM
    So you are saying that the new iPhone will release without iOS 5?

    Because its doubtful iOS 5 will be released with no dev preview prior to release.

    No not at all, Apple will release their new iPhone with iOS 5 but they will call it a 4Gs. Again my opinion based on previous apple moves.

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  • Yuniverse
    Mar 25, 12:41 PM
    yes, what's up with 666 MB... :(
    anyways, downloaded fast enough(3 min)... now updating.:)

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  • silentnite
    Mar 21, 02:46 PM
    That's exactly why I don't have a wife. Yet! :D

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  • CrazyEngineer
    Aug 31, 04:30 AM
    Pardon me if this post is a spam :) . Will Vista be released & shipped all over the world on 30th of Jan, 2007?

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  • CorvusCamenarum
    May 1, 07:13 PM
    Any updates from Corvus anyone?

    My wife and I are both alive and well, we only just got electricity back about an hour or so ago. Worst 4 days of our lives, but we got off lucky. Others lost everything, including themselves.

    I appreciate all of your nice comments. But again, aside from power loss, my family and I are fine.

    Let's keep an eye out for CorvusCamenarum, though. I'm genuinely concerned about anyone who was logged into macrumors (in other words, sitting at their computer) in Tuscaloosa at 5:00 yesterday and not in a basement or shelter.
    It's a MBP on wireless internet. When it hit, I was hunkered in the interior bathroom with it, the cell phone, a flashlight and two very upset cats.

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  • iTouch
    Oct 17, 04:18 PM
    Tip 8: get a modern computer chair. Here is a nice one.

    Anyone have experience with this chair? The price is great and I like the design. Not sure about ergonomics and durability though.

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  • kalisphoenix
    Aug 7, 11:53 PM
    Top Secret stuff? You mean like a movie download service? Or a Front Row PVR? iPhone software?

    I find it interesting that he didn't say anything about Front Row and how it would be improved.

    I was thinking about that just now as I watched the Keynote. Many of the features demonstrated today seem to have been specifically mentioned because of their importance to developers. They're either new or improved resources for the devs to work with, or they are "quality of life" improvements. Notice that a lot of items on developer/advanced user wish lists were granted today -- multi-user iCal, multiple iChat enhancements for teleconferencing and so forth, multiple desktops, various organization-related advances in Mail, automated backups (what developer wouldn't want that?), and so forth. This is definitely "Developers! Developers! Developers!" type stuff. Some of the biggest complaints (valid or not) are centered around the lack of various programs for OS X. This is a big gambit, and we should be looking at it in terms of its potential, not of its explicit results to Apple's product line. This WWDC was very strategic in nature -- Apple's going for the throat.

    The top secret features? I expect that the mention was made largely to allay Apple fanboy fears of a underwhelming OS update, to keep Microsoft nervous, and to keep developers on their toes as well. That being said, I think there's a large grain of truth in it. As previously-mentioned, a good number of the improvements mentioned today were at least debatably for power users (not the Mail stationery, but I wouldn't be surprised if there's a connection somewhere).

    The features that sell us on Leopard (and convince stragglers and non Mac-users to buy new Macs) are going to be impressive in function and not have much bearing on developers (at least, not like the Intel switch ;)). I mean enhancements to Front Row, iTunes, Quicktime (Just give us the @#$%ing Pro features), and other media-centered technologies. Enhancements to Safari, Finder (I hope), iCal, Address Book. Enhancements to consumer hardware, like the Airport base stations and (possibly) a TV-capture device.

    In other words, I think Apple's flanking their competitors in the media center world and are preparing to do with video what they've done with audio. They might even attempt to crush Microsoft right around the Vista launch, when consumer confidence is at a low, by making their OS's entire software library just another feature of OS X.

    Now, this probably isn't so. Apple might be resting on their Tiger laurels. But I think, after careful consideration, that Apple is going for the throat.

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  • AmTechFox
    Mar 22, 06:49 AM

    Epic :D

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  • slackersonly
    Sep 6, 08:33 AM

    Existing line upgraded
    New size addition
    Price drop

    Solid approach by Apple. Looks like I am one step closer to getting my family (parents 60+) to switch. Man that will make my iLife :D so much easier.

    C'mon 17" iMac refurbs for $899.

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  • phytonix
    Aug 24, 03:49 PM
    My battery serial number is within that range but it says the serial number is not qualified. Guess i will have to call them?

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  • Lancetx
    Mar 18, 01:35 PM
    That thread is full of some of the most comical and short sighted statements you'll ever see. Good thing Steve Jobs obviously knew what he was doing a lot more than the forum posters of the time did. That's why I laugh at some of the more critical comments you see on some of the threads today as well. In 10 years they'll look just as comical and short sighted as those do I'm sure.

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  • Golfwolf
    Oct 12, 04:57 AM
    My set up:

    Love the cat on your printer.:)

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  • freebooter
    Sep 22, 07:45 PM
    Last I checked this kind of anti-competitive action was illegal under monopoly laws...
    They, for the most part, stopped enforcing those laws back in the Reagan years.

    Digitalbiker just wrote," Apple and Wal-mart are just companies. They are not evil or benevolent."
    True, but they are owned and run by people who can act evilly or benevolently; they are not disembodied spirits or forces of nature. The actions large corporations take can have very bad consequences for real people (not to mention animals, birds, the air, etc.). Corporate amorality is a pretty shabby, threadbare garment.

    ...and also from Digitalbiker (sorry, i don't mean to pick on you, i'm just commenting in general), "They compete in a very competitive market and can in no way be considered monopolies."
    True, but only partly. Apple and Wal-mart do everything they can to limit competition. Besides, at the highest levels, these publicly owned companies are largely owned and run by a relative handful of people--the plutocracy. The idea of a truly free market at the corporate level is a myth.

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  • gri
    Mar 21, 02:51 PM
    Ah well, Apple'll probably make back up the cost of that iPad through the apps that guy will buy in the app store on his iPad and on his Mac.

    ...if his wife lets him do that...

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  • cobalt79
    Mar 11, 09:03 PM
    check consumer reports. they value their customers and the customers respond in a undeniable fashion. what are you? a troll?

    Ease up on the apple kool aid rumplestilskin! A fanboy and his money are soon parted. Teach Apple a lesson by closing your wallet

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  • vitaboy
    Oct 16, 03:47 PM
    We heard something really similar to that when every other company released video-playing mp3 players before Apple did, and Jobs said he didn't see anybody wanting to have portable video. Well, Apple bit its tongue and released it, calling it "innovation".

    You know what, Steve never said Apple would NEVER do a video iPod. What he said was that video just didn't make sense at the time. For one thing, he said that there was practically zero demand from iPod users for video. Then he qualified his statement by saying that the situation might be different in the future, but the media being what it is, his comment was reduced to the overly simplistic (but easy to report), "APPLE WILL NEVER MAKE A VIDEO IPOD."

    And for your information, the release of the video iPod was innovative because Apple launched it in conjunction with $1.99 music videos and TV shows on the iTunes Store. Less than a year later, there are like 250 TV shows you can buy on iTunes, from the latest hits like Grey's Anatomy to old classics like Knight Rider.

    I always get a little peeved that people are so easily dismissive of the iTunes piece of the iPod pie. iPod wouldn't be where it is today without iTunes and the iTunes Store. If it took Apple 18 months to convince the music companies to sell their music for $0.99 on iTunes, then don't you think Apple made the right decision by waiting to launch the video iPod simultaneously with iTunes video offerings? iPod is nothing without content and Steve clearly believes that iPod should never lack for legal music/video content, ever.

    I, for one, know from an Apple iPod engineer that Apple had a working video iPod in the labs more than 2 years ago, but it's quite clear that Steve had the patience and foresight to wait until the time was right for video, instead of launching a product into a vacuum. History is full of products that - while technical marvels - utterly failed because they were before their time. Newton was one. The Tucker automobile was another.

    I'm a big iPod fan (i've purchased 3) but wireless capabilities is the way of the future. I don't see ourselves in 10 years still being limited by wired headphones and such. Maybe it'll be easier than the Zune (haven't seen the demo) but the idea of beaming a song for somebody else to download/hear is pretty cool to me.

    Glad you are such a big fan of the iPod. :) I own 4 iPods myself. :-P

    Your prediction about wireless isn't necessarily wrong, but what Steve understands is 1) timing is important and 2) technology in context is even more important. Microsoft never understood this - they're all about feature bullet points and will enthusiastically push out new tech that ends up being poorly implemented and doesn't even end up solving the problems that consumers face in using technology.

    Zune is wireless for the sake of wireless. It's wireless crap. Having wireless will not make Zune a better device - in fact, I think most people will soon come to the conclusion that it's crap because there will be no other Zune users within 100 miles to "squirt" each other with.

    What people seem to forget is that Apple isn't stupid. It's like all the bruhala that erupted last year when geeks of every stripe claimed iPod would finally be killed because the music cell phone would be the killer product. What's funny is how these people assume Apple suddenly sent all its engineers home and decided, "Well, we've sold 50 million iPods. Time to call it day. No new iPods, ever."

    As is now all but certain, Apple has been working on an iPod phone for a while. So much for music phones killing the iPod - maybe this year's iPod, but Apple is not a company to stand still.

    Same thing with wireless. What people seem to forget is that Apple already has shown the way in terms of wireless. I'm talking about the broadcasting features already built in to iTunes via Bonjour networking. If you go to any college dorm or library, you'll notice a few to a dozen iTunes music libraries that will show up in your iTunes. People are already streaming their music for free, direct from iTunes, over 802.11. iTunes Sharing has already been doing the "music community" thing for a long time now.

    So it seems quite obvious to me that a wireless iPod will be able to pick up these local iTunes streams like a Mac or PC running iTunes can already do.

    If Apple wanted to push the technology a bit, then iPods would be able to stream music iPod-to-Mac(s), iPod-to-PC(s), and iPod-to-iPod(s). None of these limited point-to-point crap like Zune. No slow, time-bomb file transfers. Instead, we'll see live streaming from one iPod to many iPods, PCs, or Macs. No music file will actually be transferred, just as in iTunes sharing, which allows Apple to avoid the messiness of wrapping files in DRM like with Zune. A wireless iPod could tune in simultaneously with many different streams at the same time, and it'd be instantaneous because no transfers actually occur.

    Sure, you won't be able to take the streams with you, but wireless iPod with iTunes Sharing would be infinitely more usable and fun than some geeky, slow, unworkable Zune model.

    So I say just wait. I mean, can you imagine how badly Zune will blow up after Microsoft has launched the product (when they've committed to expensive manufacturing and the R&D is finished) and Apple launches a wireless iPod that actually works like a wireless device is supposed to?

    Remember - just think "iPod with iTunes Sharing" and compare that to Zune, and realize with a smile that Microsoft is rushing forward into one of the biggest trainwrecks in music history. Apple's just waiting for them to build up momentum so the spectacle will be spectacular when the tracks get cut out from under them! ;)

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  • levitynyc
    Mar 12, 10:40 PM
    once ipad is launched, millions will buy or check it out online. At the same time, if apple has updated the pros and airs, consumers may also choose to purchase them online.

    Apple wants to attract new customers all the time, it will be disappointing to see the line of mac products along with their price if nothing is updated before the ipad launch.

    makes perfect sense to update before ipad, that's what I think

    Agreed. You'll get all the foot traffic in stores as well.

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  • NewSc2
    Oct 15, 03:31 PM
    In a word, no. I've seen the demonstrations on the Internet about how you can find another person using a Zune and give them a song they can play three times. It takes forever. By the time you've gone through all that, the girl's got up and left! You're much better off to take one of your earbuds out and put it in her ear. Then you're connected with about two feet of headphone cable.

    We heard something really similar to that when every other company released video-playing mp3 players before Apple did, and Jobs said he didn't see anybody wanting to have portable video. Well, Apple bit its tongue and released it, calling it "innovation".

    I'm a big iPod fan (i've purchased 3) but wireless capabilities is the way of the future. I don't see ourselves in 10 years still being limited by wired headphones and such. Maybe it'll be easier than the Zune (haven't seen the demo) but the idea of beaming a song for somebody else to download/hear is pretty cool to me.

    Mar 25, 12:43 PM
    for the person who asked gestures on the iPad are still available you just need to go into xcode again and re-enable iPad for development

    Oct 11, 08:19 AM
    Originally posted by edesignuk

    I'd have to dissagree with you there, even in the x86 world Mhz is not a clear rating, take the P4 and XP+ for example.
    The top Intel CPU at the moment is 2.8Ghz, while the AMD 2600+ (2.13Ghz) is AMD's best offering, even though there is almost a 700Mhz speed difference there the AMD will still be as fast if not faster as the apparently (going by Mhz) supreme Intel.
    He didn't say it was valid for Intel v. AMD. He simply stated architecture. AMD has its own architecture, which is a RISC chip with CISC emulator as far as I'm concerned. He even compared two AMD chips. Here, the MHz/GHz is a very valid benchmark.

    By the way, the 2.8GHz P4 kills AMD Athlon XP 2600+ for normal operations, but AMD Athlon XP 2600+ kills P4 when it comes to rendering with Maya, etc. Different things are superior in either.

    Apr 11, 02:26 AM
    When you're married, it's a partnership, and it's no longer a case of "your money" and "her money", but a case of "OUR" money. Once responsibilities are out the way, then personal purchases can be looked at, but unless you're in a job where you have a LOT of disposable income far in excess of what's required to pay the mortgage and many bills, then yes it's only right you make sure you have the money to go out and buy a gadget which, most of the time, only you will use.

    I'm fortunate that my wife enjoys using technology, but I still wouldn't go out on payday and just buy a new gadget without at least letting her know I was doing it, and if I spend money on something, it's only fair she does the same ... which means for whatever you spend, you need to double it and again it's only after looking at bills and responsibilities that you can do so.

    While I don't necessarily disagree with you, what you describe is the reason that the #1 problem in marriage is money. Just because we're married doesn't mean that we lose that desire to want things exclusively for ourselves and while compromise is sometimes possible in a healthy marriage, when that compromise can't be met you start down a road of unhealthy behavior that is spawned almost exclusively by money.

    Sep 13, 12:29 PM
    Nope, none of those reviews count until ZP reviews it, because he is the only person not on drugs.

    My issue is more that since the downturn and so many print & web sites struggling badly, the impact of AAA advertising money on reviews is now clearer than ever.

    I'm not saying that Halo: Reach isn't a great console shooter, just that all of these 11/10 frothing 'bestest EVAR' scores - particularly the ones with more nitpicks than would be present in a 8/10 review of a game without gobs of advertising money - are inherently suspect, because they are bought.

    Oct 16, 04:31 PM
    Where did you buy that buddha head ?

    It's still there. It's just not shown in the picture.

    The iPhone first gen hasn't got a very good camera so I could not get it all on the pic.

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