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  • Ugg
    Mar 29, 10:14 AM
    War should be avoided wherever possible, and when the congress declares war under a viable threat to the country or our interests, the war should be hard fought, swift, and over.

    Can you point out any war in history that meets your ivory tower qualifications?

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  • TitoC
    Nov 24, 07:48 AM
    I really don't get all of those who constantly are saying things like "Don't care for them, they were before my time . . . " or "They're so old, they're not relevant . . .", etc. Really? I just don't get it. Monet, Davinci, Bach, Cole Porter, Sonny Boy Williamson, Bessie Smith, Billie Holiday and Charlie Parker were all before my time, yet I appreciate them. Having an artist being born before your time shouldn't have anything to do with "appreciating" them. That's the whole point - art is timeless. I' guess it has to do with how you grew up and what you were exposed to that makes a difference.

    All kinds of music was being played in my house when I grew up. My dad played primarily four kinds of music in our house: classical, tango, opera and jazz and I got exposed to all of them - everyday. But all kinds of music would be played, not just these four kinds. While the Beatles were not one of the groups constantly being played on my dad's Hi-Fi, my parents did appreciate them and would play them on the radio once in a while, just to expose us kids to them. This, I believe, is one reason I listen to ALL kinds of music today. Not only do I listen to the classics, but also to many current and obscure artists of today. And I am doing the same with my son. He is exposed to all facets of music and art and has a great appreciation of all kinds of music. And you know who's his favorite? Louis Prima. My son's 6 years old and he couldn't care one bit when Louis was born. Not one bit. My dad would be proud.

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  • spiv
    Mar 28, 10:19 PM
    I think it's really funny (sad) that all the haters come out against RS. First off could you sound like bigger snots that RS is too lowbrow to buy your apple product from them. They're a retailer, that has survived by evolving when their core business has been decimated by the fact that technology in general is cheaper and more widely available than ever. Not for nothing, but the very products we're all coveting and supporting to no end, have evolved from garage built computers that were probably 90% RS parts!!!

    I'm an Apple believer, and terribly disappointed that living in NYC I can't walk into a company store and walk out with my $800 appliance. Tomorrow morning the RS 1 block from my house will open at 9AM, and I'll walk out in 5 minutes with a product that I haven't been able to get in 3 weeks, after 'stopping' in at least 8 times, only to be turned away. The last time the Apple-droid from bum**** actually told me my best bet was to come back at 5AM and wait on line!

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  • cr2sh
    Sep 4, 09:47 AM
    We're going to get a video nano... and then a month or two later a true video ipod.

    It's the standard apple jive... realease one that we want and then another that we want more.

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  • 2ms
    Mar 15, 02:44 PM
    You may have Windows 7 on your desktop but I doubt if you've ever used it properly. Now I've been a Mac user for a long time and I own an iMac and an MBP but let me tell you this, Windows 7 is definitely much better than Vista.

    I really don't want to compare Windows to OSX but after using both Vista and 7, I am very confident when I say that Microsoft has really done a good job with Windows 7. Vista was a disaster though....

    What are some of the things you like better about 7 over Vista? I upgraded a few weeks ago and really haven't been able to find any improvements. Even the performance problems haven't been improved (benchmarks) (

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  • Gen
    Mar 28, 08:16 PM
    And yet, no new iPhone will be present ... I predict a lot of attending hearts will be broken!

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  • Peace
    Jan 11, 05:23 PM
    That's not a poster, it's a big iPhone. They've got one in every store window. Different images scroll from bottom to top. Obviously this photo is in mid scroll.

    BTW - All the iphones in iPhone commercials are very different than my iPhone. They show a small little photo of the person calling instead of a big full screen photo. Don't know why. It's the same in this ad.


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  • fstlambo
    Mar 14, 01:21 PM
    Overall I think the most important upgrades would be the graphics and the cpu...they need to move on and away from the C2D and keep up with the pack.

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  • green86
    Mar 29, 11:08 AM
    Something tells me that one still using a 3GS isn't likely a must have "latest and greatest" kind of consumer. I had a 3GS which I bought on Day One. ATT let nearly everyone upgrade early to the 4 so I did. It was a no brainer. Why you stuck it out w/ the 3GS I can't say but to be bitching and moaning Apple doesn't upgrade fast enough like you are is silly. If you only upgrade every 3 years what difference would more frequent upgrades possibly make in your life? I think you protesteth too much.

    Something tells me your drinking Apple koolaid.

    I had the original iPhone when it was less then two months old, and bought the 3gs shortly after it's release too.

    Not that it is any of your business, but I upgrade in my equipment in cycles. Instead of the craptastic iPhone 4, I bought a Sony Nex-5 with three lenses and a MacBook Pro i7 HR. This year it's time for a new phone. Soon.

    It was a nobrainer for me not to upgrade to a POS. Hopefully they will get it right.. on time this time. I'm not bitching and moaning about slower release cycles, it's a stupid idea when a company like Apple has the ability to do the opposite. Maybe your ok waiting longer for old tech... ever wonder why PPC was ditched? But you must be happy with your PowerBook.

    Its ok though. I used to be like you, taking opinions & shots at Apple personally. You might get out of it IF your smart enough.... Maybe not though in that case though.

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  • paolo-
    Oct 11, 09:34 PM
    New setup, my brother and I decided we want make enough music together to make a setup just for that. My macbook and his iMac, side by side. My macbook runs logic node so the iMac can offload some of it's work. Main sound card is a lexicon i-onix.

    EDIT : ouch, I didn't notice how grainy that picture ended up being.

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  • rjohnstone
    Apr 15, 03:53 PM
    Not surprising really. Anyone I know who was 'curious' about switching changes their mind once they have bought into the eco system with an iDevice and get used to the combination of UI, solid build and design.

    I kind of went the other way 5 months ago, being a Mac user for the last 15 years as a student and then professionally in the graphic design field I decided to give one of these PCs a try..

    As I couldn't make up my mind whether to replace my iBook G3 with a Macbook/Macbook Pro/iPad, I decided to go for a cheap and cheerful HP G62 dual core laptop as a 'stop gap' solution for �350 just to see if PCs are as bad as some people make them out to be.

    I have to say my experience in the last 5 months has been ok-ish, yes it is mildly annoying that the constant update requests, long bootups, occasional crash happy nature (and fragile) of Windows 7 has made me think about chucking the laptop out of the window (no pun intended). The fan can get bloody loud and gets quite hot and battery life is poor. But I accept that you get what you pay for and I guess that encapsulates the experience of the average Windows user who is willing to pay a substandard price for a substandard user experience.

    As a result, my experience will not make me want to buy any PC products again. I've bought it just for browsing the web and syncing the iPod Touch to iTunes (which is doesn't seem to work aswell in Win7), somehow I can't run iTunes 10.2 which is another bloody annoying issue..

    I cannot wait to get the new SandyBridge iMac later this year and maybe iPad 3 next year so until then will put up with my substandard PC product to gather dust / or smash it with a hammer / simply get rid of on eBay.

    It will be Macs only for me going forward ;)

    I'm definately not a PC :D And Windows 7 sucks compared to OSX. Actually bag of sh_te is a better description!
    Sounds like you bought a bloatware infested loss leader.
    HP is famous for that.
    You also grossly overpaid.

    Buy a proper laptop (ThinkPad) and your experience will be significantly better.

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  • QCassidy352
    Apr 17, 12:05 PM
    Best Buy in Cambridge, MA didn't have any stock. The Apple store in the same mall did (as usual) but was mostly sold out when I got there 1/2 hour after opening. Still had a few 64 GB models, but that's it.

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  • coder12
    May 4, 10:39 PM
    If it were glasses-less 3d... wouldn't it need a retina display at 240hz? 120fps for each eye? Someone please correct me if I'm wrong!

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  • MrZebra
    Mar 12, 06:10 AM
    Austrian Store is down as well.

    Take note, that Austria is NOT among those countries (US, UK, Germany,...) who are supposed to get iPad's in April.

    Intersting observation :)

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  • failsafe1
    Jan 10, 02:24 PM
    I always hear people say, "I don't like the Beatles, but I like this song..."

    What does this mean???:confused:

    Is it me, or are they confused...

    I am one of the folks who say that. I am not a fan of the band or group. It might mean I don't like what they might stand for, or their individual ideas so I don't buy every thing they do or did. It usually means that I don't like the sound or style of the bulk of their catalog. An example would be not liking a particular genre of music but finding one song I enjoy out of that genre. I don't like country music as a type but I have a few songs in my library that are country tunes. But I might put all that aside and enjoy one or two songs from an artist that I don't particularly like. I have had artists that I liked so much I bought everything they did only to later look back and say wha??? Why did I do that?

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  • ImNoSuperMan
    Sep 6, 08:22 AM
    Great news. But where are the Merom MBPs:confused: :confused:

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  • Time Clock
    Nov 23, 11:52 PM
    I thought I had heard it all!

    Are you seriously comparing Bach to the Beatles?

    There are hundreds of doctoral dissertations about Bach and his music. There are people studying his typography....etc. For example, there is a study about the color of the ink he used at the beginning of his Leipzig period. They found a relationship of patterns of writing and the color of the ink according to his age. That's is one of the thousands ways they have tried to find out the date of a single piece. There a lot people who devote their lives to perform or/and study his music.

    Have they done that for the Beatles?
    I am going to take you as my example form now on. I am going to tell my friends there is someone who compares Bach to the Beatles.

    You don't know how people will look at The Beatles in the next 100, 200, 300 years. In fact, from what I remember from a music class that I was in, Handel was looked upon as the superior composer during the Baroque period. It wasn't until sometime after his death, that Bach was reexamined. I would argue that the Beatles have had, relatively speaking, as much of an impact as Bach. The Beatles still influence today's music.

    I don't understand how people can dismiss The Beatles so easily. Were they the most talented musicians? No. But as a group, they constructed a body of work that is, in my opinion, unparalleled.

    So, there- I'm another person that just compared The Beatles to Bach;)

    And The Beatles weren't pop. They were what was formally known as Rock and Roll:D

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  • msb3079
    Mar 29, 01:01 PM
    I could cause the antenna to lose all its bars by placing my one finger on the antenna... Thats ridiculous. And anyone who has one, on the At&T network and says "I've never dropped a call" is a fanboi in the worst way and flat out lying. All my iPhones, - and even non-iPhones - on AT&T's network drop calls period, all the time. Even if the antenna design was perfect on the iPhone 4, it would drop calls because of At&T's network, so yea... I don't believe that in a second.

    Not to mention all the problems people were having with the screen, and the proximity sensors... and thats all I can think of off the top of my head. I'm sure there is/was more. Also, I refused to buy another iPhone that didn't have more than 32 GB of space, since I'm currently maxing out the capacity on my current 32 GB iPhone. Thus, I decided not to upgrade to avoid dealing with all that. Really, the 4 was just problems and a few spec increases. The increased resolution of the display means nothing to me without a larger screen, and the 3GS was fast enough at the time. The one and only thing that I would have enjoyed is the bump in RAM.

    Also, design-wise, I'd take the original iPhone over any of the others. It's too bad the AL causes havoc with radio signals. I would think someone who supposedly had all the iPhones would agree. And at least not think it looked like a "toy".

    Good thing your not a designer, since when you designed crap and people called you out on it you'd be offended. :rolleyes: You'd probably not be able to emotionally handle it.

    And I 100% know what I'm talking about. Because I have an Anti-Apple opinion doesn't mean I'm ill-informed and I don't know what I'm talking about. I've worked on and dealt with enough electronics to have an informed opinion.

    So what electronic has ZERO problems??
    The more features that are packed into something, the more chances of issues. Doesn't make the iPhone 4 a "POS".

    You've never owned one, so you wouldn't know.

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  • sam10685
    Sep 4, 12:38 PM
    i may be wrong (and don't flame me if i am,) but it seems like the 6G ipod should make its way to the shelves instead of an updated 5G. the 5G has been out for almost a year , hasn't it?

    Mar 12, 07:43 AM
    No change on Aussie site either....
    I'm super dissapointed... Sniff sniff

    Please Tuesday being good news!

    Mar 29, 03:07 PM
    This is awesome news! Sounds like iOS 5 will now give Google's Voice Actions for Android a run for its money. Ha...I even have the Siri app on my home screen (which I seldom use) but after WWDC and seeing its integration into iOS 5, I'll be using it or whatever it will be called a lot more often. Looking forward to WWDC '11! :D

    Speech text has been my major gripe with iOS. Less important... yet important, is free, voice-integrated GPS solutions. Apple can provide good turn by turn in Maps without significantly undercutting carrier solutions, but it's a gamble. As the iPhone doesn't change carrier to carrier, this would be an annoyance to carriers.

    The reason I see voice commands as so closely related to mapping, is that I've had instances where quickly telling the phone where I need to go, isn't just helpful... It's almost been vital. For instance, going to the emergency room, or rerouting while driving. Holding down the home button and being able to say, "I need to get to the nearest hospital" is a lot better than tapping away for 10-15 vital seconds.

    I also love that even Siri is as interactive as iPhone's voice commands. It asks follow up questions and seems genuine,y helpful. The idea you could hold a button, and give a more "Siri" friendly command like "I'd like you to play some music like 'Torn' by Natalie Imbruglia" would be fantastic. Holding again and saying, "--and what's the weather going to be like on Friday?" Is also amazing. Every time Siri answers any form of that question, including "for the next two days" or "while I'm visiting Birmingham, AL"... it just floors me.

    Currently Android doesn't do most of it's voice commands over Bluetooth, while everything iOS uses voice commands is so great because of it. The best part of voice commands is not taking anything out of your pocket, and feeling like you've got someone at your beck and call while walking through the store with your Bluetooth headphones on and your hands in your pockets. ;o)

    ~ CB

    Apr 11, 08:12 AM
    I hate subscription models almost as much as I do data caps.

    So buy the full version outright and get data plans with no caps. That's the beauty of a free market - you get to decide what you want and if the cost is worth it.

    Chip NoVaMac
    Apr 11, 10:13 AM
    that is a load. First off the original ipad is hardly 'old tech'. It is still very usable by the right folks. Say little kids that want to play games, granny that just wants it for email, the whole "teach for america" thing.

    'Old tech' would be trying to sell a G4 with a PPC processor in the now every entrenched Intel age. There's pretty much no 3rd software supporting it, Mac OS 10.5 is the highest you can take that, etc

    I know that the first iPad is not "old tech"; but was a light hearted exchange about selling the old iPad to my BF who is thinking about the iPad....

    Aug 24, 04:29 PM
    My laptop has been very hot to the touch recently, and my battery only holds a 24% charge. I wonder if this has anything to do with it.

    Oh well, my order for a new battery has been placed. Thank you, Sony!

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