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  • walnuts
    Jan 11, 02:38 PM
    You know, I hate to say this, but it has a striking resemblance to the "Vista" font. Granted, "vista" is more narrow. Scary, huh?



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  • robertcoogan
    Mar 18, 07:06 PM
    My original iPod is still usable! (1st gen) I use it as a portable drive to hold backup financial files and my 1Password backup.


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  • Lone Deranger
    Jan 11, 03:37 PM
    Isn't it obvious?? :D

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  • milo
    Apr 14, 02:24 PM
    And who, exactly, are you talking about?

    All I've seen are a few anonymous comments on this message board. Who are those people? Are they pros? I don't know who they are. Do you know?

    Funny how you've developed a whole theory about "professionals" and yet you haven't proved in any way that any pros said what you claimed they said. I've read that the crowd at the show seemed to really love it.

    Looks like you totally misread his post - he didn't say professionals, he said "professionals". Meaning people who claimed to be pros.

    And it's funny, yesterday those "pros" were all ranting that tons of features were removed and the rest of the suite killed, now that that has been debunked they're off in hiding.

    Because you made a post that claimed our editing skills have nothing to do with creativiy or experience, but simply that 'knowing the software' is the only advangate we have.

    Good try, but no. Because you misread his post and assumed something he didn't actually say. I know, sometimes sarcasm can be tricky, but it seemed pretty obvious to me.

    There ARE "pros" who get mad because software gets cheaper and easier to use. If they are truly talented they should have nothing to worry about, but I'm sure there are guys out there who aren't especially great editors who are getting work because they could afford the cost of entry.

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  • iSamurai
    May 4, 10:55 PM
    pixel density is way more important than 3D...

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  • jackmac13
    Oct 15, 03:27 PM
    The earbuds thing would make a great commercial. Imagine the earbud guy leaving with a girl while the other girl is still waiting for the guy to download. Now, no girl wants a guy to finish early but she doesn't want him to take forever either. It could be pretty funny.:D

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  • ceruleanventure
    Jul 22, 10:12 PM
    First my poor Palm Zire got replaced as an mp3 player by my ipod....and now this lol. Goodbye Zire :D

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  • epb87
    Mar 8, 08:31 AM
    One of the Mac screen savers will do mosaics of photos from a folder... it's kind of cool to watch them zoom out into a mosaic, but can get hypnotic... ;)

    Mine for today... from last summer's archives, since I've been somewhat dormant the last couple of weeks or so...

    http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4144/4958342664_17b73f1cd7_b.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/pdxflint/4958342664/sizes/l)
    D300, 17-55f/2.8 @ 55mm, f/3.5, 1/640, ISO200

    Nice dog shot. I really like the bokeh and the dog's expression.

    Was able to score a virtually unused M8 a few weeks ago . Tried it out in Midtown and Central Park . Gotta get used to using a rangefinder again .


    M8 , 35/2 , iso 320 , 5.6@1/350

    I feel like I have seen this bridge in many a TV Show and Movie... Nice photo.

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  • stuffradio
    Mar 28, 11:12 PM
    It'll be $129 � the same as ALL of the past upgrades except for Snow Leopard which was Leopard but just a slimmed-down, rewriting of the OS. Apple felt that without a lot of core new features being added, they would give the public a break and just charge a nominal fee for Snow Leopard, rather than the typical $129.

    Don't listen to anyone who says differently. It will be $129.

    It will be $99.

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  • Rocketman
    Sep 22, 03:17 PM
    OH good lord what a crock of poo. How can Wal Mart threaten Hollywood studios? What will Wal Mart do, stop selling DVDs and hurt its own retail business? Silly.

    I don't believe any of it.

    Their response to movies on iTunes was to ask studios to lower their price to WM to be the same as that of an online download despite the higher media and distribtion cost. Huh? Yes, they did. Keep in mind the online version is qualatatively different in packaging and resolution, and that many folks find added value in the artifact of a physical disc.

    Wal-Mart wanted to guarantee --their-- ability to underprice the competition at the expense of the net cost of studios. WM wanted studios to SUBSIDIZE them at the rate of $1.50-$2.50 PER DISC!!

    I for one wouldn't want to download the phone call between Apple and Wal-Mart. I want to see a movie of Jobs right after he hung up :)

    Come on Steve, as an ode to rumour sites . . .


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  • Anonymous Freak
    Aug 3, 06:02 PM
    Guys... has it occurred to anybody that the ichat phone is the biggest joke???

    Why on earth would the iSight be on the back?? So when you talk to someone you can't see them?and the microphone is on the front???? WTF?


    That's why nobody is talking about it. Because it's so obviously fake. (The ad was at least slightly believable. The video is horrible.)

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  • BigDukeSix
    Mar 22, 11:13 AM

    1. You are not married.
    2. You don't understand wives.

    -or -

    1. You and your wife must fight a lot and you just do it anyway.
    2. You rule your house with an iron hammer

    -or -

    1. You have a relationship where you guys have enough money that neither one of you have to worry about negotiating purchases.
    2. Your wife gets whatever, whenever she wants.
    3. You only make one purchase for yourself ever 2-3 years.

    Trust me in a marraige, it is never as easy as "I am going to buy this." Sometimes to keep the peace, you just gotta say "yep" and do what she wants.

    'nuff said

    Get married, and own a home or have a kid or two you would will figure it out.

    I agree with you 100%, well said.

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  • spicyapple
    Nov 27, 11:08 AM
    What about a yellow Ipod?
    And waterproof down to 100 metres! :)

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  • ptsube
    Apr 11, 07:42 AM
    Adobe is not making any new fans with this scheme. I went from MX Studio 2004 to CS4 to CS5, and they cant even give me a free minor update? Either it it has enough new features to release it as a major update, or it doesn't.

    I've given them a lot of money over the years, and they can't even give me a free minor update?

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  • xsedrinam
    Sep 22, 07:33 PM
    So, hypothetically, what if Wal-Mart's CEO doesn't "moderate" their stance, and Apple ink deals with more than Disney including Library titles? Surely Wal-Mart's bean counters and legal eagles have already played the war games scenarios. Who would be the winners if this ratcheted up to another level?

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  • jorisx
    Aug 24, 03:41 PM
    These numbers don't mach:
    � 15-inch PowerBook G4, Model #A1078 and A1148, Serial Numbers: 6N530 through 6N551, 6N601
    From the image below also the numbers 3K425 to 3K601 belong to the 15" pbook !?

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  • Mitthrawnuruodo
    Sep 13, 08:13 AM
    While I'm happy that this is probably the reason for the increased battery life, I'm concerned about the life span of the screen. How much of a limited span are we talking about?

    Edit: according to wikipedia, 5,000 hrs. For comparison, a typical LCD has a life of 50,000 hrs (30,000 hrs for lamp).You may be right about the LCDs (I've not seen this as an issue with the iPods, though), but Apple (and others) calculate Battery lifespan in charge cycles, not hours:
    A properly maintained iPod battery is designed to retain up to 80% of its original capacity after 400 full charge and discharge cycles. You may choose to replace your battery when it no longer holds sufficient charge to meet your needs.(Link (http://www.apple.com/batteries/ipods.html))

    That should give about 8-10 000 hours for the new 24 hour capacity nanos, if my calculations aren't way off... :)

    So you'll need to change the battery 3-5 times before you start worrying about the screen... and that is with the newest, and best batteries... older batteries had lower capacity, and thus lifespan....

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  • anti-microsoft
    Jan 11, 02:45 PM
    How Exciting!! Can't wait!!:):):)

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  • mingoglia
    Mar 29, 09:56 AM
    Sometimes the stores that someone wouldn't suspect (or ever shop out) of having something are the ones that those "in the know" can find something.

    Just before Christmas I figured my son and daughter were old enough for our first XBox 360. I went to the 4 Best Buys close to my house (Gilbert, AZ) and all pretty much laughed at me, out of stock. I called a guy that I know from a club I'm in that managed a local Walmart. He said of his stock of 12 that he got in the prior week he had only sold 1. Apparently in my town no one shops at Walmart for an Xbox? All I know is I drove down there and sure enough they had a small pile of them with hardly anyone in the electronics department.

    Mar 20, 02:57 PM
    What I don't like about my iPod Touch is that it takes 10-20 seconds to just load up the "music app". I've cleared off all files that weren't music, gone through numerous firmware updates. 29gb of music takes ages to load up.
    Not so on my iPod 5.5G. Loads anything up instantly - songs, videos, photos. Feels like the powerhouse of MP3 players.

    Apple hates physical buttons. No Apple device in the past ten years has ever moved backwards in the drive to eliminate physical buttons.

    iPod 3G was fully touch operated (save for the hold switch).
    iPod 4G+Photo went backwards and added physical buttons. To this day they still haven't gone back to the full touch design of the 3G.

    Mac Rules
    Aug 3, 04:56 PM
    I doubt it since this is the World Wide DEVELOPERS Conference...I wouldnt classify an imac as a developmental machine.

    But surely if a 64-bit CPU is dropped in to the iMac and MBP, then they become DEVELOPER machines, as the majority of software out there is 32-bit natively... So the new software needs DEVELOPING? Just a thought...


    Sep 12, 03:43 PM
    Very dark and dingy interface, reminds me of some audio-editing ap. What happened to the nice white play buttons, and the bright blue scroll bars and music store.

    iTunes is now much more accomplished as a sopisticated media ap, but the style really has suffured. Doesn't feel like an Apple product!

    Jan 11, 03:00 PM

    Apr 11, 04:49 PM
    Exactly - if they enslave us all that's a pretty level field. A miserable one, but a level one..where nothing ever grows on!

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