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o amor acontece

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  • jholzner
    Oct 15, 04:41 PM
    We heard something really similar to that when every other company released video-playing mp3 players before Apple did, and Jobs said he didn't see anybody wanting to have portable video. Well, Apple bit its tongue and released it, calling it "innovation".

    Actually, I believe he said portable video was a waste of time becuase there was no content to PLAY on these devices...and back then, there wasn't. Apple released their iPod with video AND the ability to actually use it.

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  • MattyMac
    Sep 4, 01:20 PM
    Sept 12: Supposed release date of new Nanos
    Sept 16: End of "Buy a Mac, get a free Nano" promotion.

    Either there is going to be a four day mac shopping spree or perhaps iPods aren't going to be the subject of the event.
    It doesn't matter...the new nanos wouldn't qualify for the promotion.

    Same thing happend last year...the nanos were released before the free iPod mini promo ended.

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  • totoum
    Apr 13, 05:52 PM
    Filmantopia, just because you can go to the auto store and buy $1000 worth of tools doesn't mean you can automatically repair a Mercedes Benz. You can buy wood, wiring and plumbing materials at Home Depot, but doesn't that mean you can build a functioning house that meets all building code standards.

    Likewise, owning a piece of software doesn't make you a professional. The tools may become less expensive, but the knowledge and experience requirements remain the same.

    I already said it above,I'll copy what I said:

    He put "professional" in quotes because he was being sarcastic,he meant that if someone is worried about the fact that more people can now operate a software because it's simpler to use/more affordable then they must not be a real pro because a real pro wouldn't worry about such things,they know that they have the creativity and experience that sets them appart.

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  • mduser63
    Aug 24, 04:18 PM
    Like a lot of people, my serial (3K437...) falls in the stated range for 12" PBs, but the Apple site says it's not valid/doesn't qualify. It was doing that this morning when the story very first broke (long before the site went down or even got slow), and it's still doing it now. The battery has been going fine for almost 2 years, and I don't expect to explode tomorrow, but it would be nice to get a new one.

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  • amin
    Aug 30, 06:55 PM
    I haven't read the whole thread, but will throw in my two cents on the original topic. I think it's fair for MS to charge considerably more for an OS that represents a few years of work than Apple charges for their yearly OS. I prefer Apple's, and I buy each new Apple OS as it comes out, but I still think it's not fair to compare cost straight away. Microsoft's multi-level charging does seem a bit extreme though.

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  • aswitcher
    Jan 11, 05:36 PM
    Would they base MacWorld around something as simple as wireless this or that? It's got to be big, probably a new product. I'm still leaning towards the GPS thing. Garmin has already announced it will be at MacWorld with new software/product codenamed "Bobcat"


    Maybe it's a portable in-car computer system touch screen tablet with the works, how amazing would that be! GPS, mp3, video, phone, etc etc.

    I really want an Apple Watch. And I really want an Apple GPS unit that works really nicely with my Mac and google earth. Chuck in BT for live stuff and connectivity to Macs and iPhones.

    How many Apple Watches with GPS could they sell? My guess is millions.

    Apple has $15 Billion in Cash...and as a shareholder, (i'm not alone here) am a little upset that they're not doing anything with it. A billion or two won't kill them.

    Remember that the iphone is the most profitable product line that apple has. I think that they will continue this trend into the other products, however in order to do so, you must build the infrastructure. Apple will either buy out a current player in the wireless sector, or will slowly deploy their own network, slowly integrating existing products into it... convergence.

    Its not going to be a few Billion. Its going to be a lot more and require a huge huge expansion of their business because its a new game. Its not like making an iPod, its about entering a very competitive environment by buying an existing telco. One that I think they cant even use the current iPhone with and we have seen nothing new at the FCC.

    I think its clear Apple aren't going this way because there unique business model is to take a share of the profits.

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  • SFStateStudent
    Mar 28, 09:08 PM
    Dang! Had $1599 extra cash burnin' a hole in my pocket...:p

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  • wesmhead
    Mar 11, 03:03 PM
    ive been waaiting for soo long! i have all my money ready, i hope they are in store tommorrow.. i am sooo excited!!

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  • hachre
    Jun 24, 07:30 PM
    I don't think it necessarily has to be touch-enabled, or come in form of any type of hardware.

    I am using a lot of apps on my iPhone by now that I really miss on my MacBook... Sometimes I would really like to start one of these iOS Apps in Mac OS to check something quickly...

    They should make some kind of iTunes-integrated Simulator that allows you to start your iOS Apps directly from your Apps section within iTunes or something...

    That would be really nice ;)

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  • timmillwood
    Nov 7, 08:42 AM
    2 weeks since the C2D MBP was released and no one has even had their 17" ship yet!!

    Whats going on?

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  • Charlie Sheen
    Mar 25, 04:11 PM

    I get 36 hours on my Droid X without any issues...

    if you only use it for phone calls and text then it's no problem but if you play a game or surf the web then it may get problematic to achieve a battery life that long

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  • YS2003
    Oct 26, 07:26 PM
    Well my MB was bought the day they were announced - my local Apple store didn't have them on display yet :) and mine hasn't had the shutdown issue.

    I thought this pic Engadget posted is pretty funny:
    This is a classic. Also, he clicked that option on.

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  • lifeinhd
    Oct 15, 03:16 PM
    On the last page of Part 12 I posted a setup that is located in my home office (mainly used by my wife). Different room.

    I decided to update my own office (kind of) with a brand spanking new iMac which is replacing my late 2009 Macbook Pro.

    Old Specs Macbook Pro 17":
    2.8 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo
    4GB RAM
    500GB + 80GB SSD ( took it out before selling)
    Nvidia 9400M + 9600M

    New Specs iMac:
    2.93Ghz i7
    8GB RAM
    1TB Hard Drive + (still want my 80GB SSD inside this baby, but difficult to do so!)
    ATI Radeon HD 5750 1GB

    So far, so good.

    The speakers are also still there, but these are not shown in the picture.

    This is an old/new comparison.

    Mind the quality, but my iPhone 4 broke (will be replaced) on me so I used an old iPhone first generation.

    I kept the iPad 64Gb Wifi.

    Feedback is always welcome. :D

    And here I thought windows were only for looking out of :rolleyes:

    I like your idea more.

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  • Slix
    May 5, 07:59 AM
    Sounds good. Not that connecting to iTunes once in a while to update/backup/sync is a problem for me.

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  • mcrain
    Mar 15, 01:35 PM
    When did we stop doing sane things in this country?

    Wait a second, I was able to easily invest heavily in the future and still fix the budget problems, all while only cutting the military spending by around 25%. I had enough of a surplus, that I could have gone back and cut even less if needed, but would prefer to invest in US infrastructure and manufacturing capacity. Which, coincidentally, would be more important should the military need to rapidly grow than a few fancy trinkets (F22s, helicopters, etc...)

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  • MrsNO
    Mar 21, 03:39 PM
    thank you for doing informatics a boy's thing.

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  • 3N16MA
    Nov 23, 09:11 PM
    All this proves is that Beatles fans like to waste their money repurchasing music they already own just because it's available in a new format. I bet that most of the albums and individual songs sold were purchased by people who already own that album/song.

    Or perhaps a new generation of fans bought the music.

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  • mrfrosty
    Apr 17, 07:32 AM
    My local target (Davenport) have 5 * 64Gb wifi in White.

    At 7:45 there were about 8 people in the queue outside the store

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  • Gimzotoy
    Aug 24, 03:27 PM
    Yeah, low and behold my battery still starts with a W. If I didn't have battery issues I wouldn't be complaining. But as of now my computer doesn't qualify but I DO in fact have battery issues.
    I think every laptop ever made has battery issues. I'm about to get my third for my Rev. B 12" PowerBook if neither of my old ones is covered under this recall.

    Oct 15, 03:17 PM
    where would we be without him?

    Sam Yikin
    Mar 29, 12:25 AM
    This Constitutional issue is something of a moot point... Congress has only declared war FIVE times in the history of the country (the War of 1812, Mexican-American, Spanish-American, WWs I&II). There are 125 occasions where the President has acted with no approval from Congress. Also, the War Powers Resolution is essentially valid, as it has never been tested by courts.

    In my personal view, I'm fine with the president being able to enact a limited amount of military action, as long as there are no long-term liabilities for the country. Congress is so juvenile, inefficient, and bitchy that I'm fine with not having to rely on them every time there is a clear humanitarian need to act.


    Nov 8, 06:07 AM
    lol they're falling like dominoes. so how long does it take for them to go back up with the upgrade?

    Usually not long. A week maybe?

    Nah. Half an hour I'd say. Absolutely max, all of them.

    Apr 8, 05:01 PM
    I would gladly pay an Indulgence, but I doubt that God has a PayPal account? :rolleyes:

    Jan 11, 04:12 PM
    Spoilsport, I thought we we're having a 'crazy' prediction discussion

    Like the intoduction of an iToaster (like the one off Red Dwarf) maybe an iOxygen device so we don't have to worry about pollution

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