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  • Analog Kid
    Aug 2, 07:57 PM
    Wow! It's really disturbing how many people are so quick to call this an unfair attack on Apple-- and how quickly the argument on this board gets labeled as "apologists" against "bashers".

    What's next? The code was written at Apple, but by a contractor? The guy who wrote that code has only been with the company for a year? None of the other coders like the guy responsible for that one, so it doesn't count?

    Look: I don't care who wrote what code-- if it makes my machine vulnerable then it's bad. It's not whether Apple wrote it, or whether or not they tested sufficiently (which is nuts because most stuff like this needs to be designed properly-- it's nearly impossible to test all the possible vectors)-- it's that my Mac isn't secure.

    Or someone else's, as I don't have a Macbook, but you get the idea...

    When Apple started advertising its security, we knew this would start to happen. If you tell someone they can't, they'll want to prove they can. The question isn't whether vulnerabilities turn up, because they certainly will, it's how Apple handles it from here. Are they upfront and quick to respond, or do they forward you to Symantec?

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  • Treq
    Nov 3, 02:54 PM
    ...while Firefox and Camino stay at less than 49%.

    On a full sized computer? That's horrible. Adobe has to get their act together and make flash more efficient before they can be allowed on the iphone. :rolleyes:

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  • kalafalas
    Nov 13, 12:22 AM
    Why the AppStore works the way it does, and why its perfect, and why poeple shouldn't b*tch.

    In the jailbreak community, packages can do whatever they please. there open, so to speak. An example of why this is terrible, is in winterboard, the popular cydia package. (ive installed this and tested everything myself, with load tests, memory tests, performance tests, and many other things, on both the 3G and the 3GS)

    A: winterboard relies on a package titled mobilesubstrate, and what that does is lets programs be able to inject there own code instead of the deafult one built in from the spring board (example, when you press the home button in winterboard instead of closing the app it restarts to let the changes you made take place)

    B: what winterboard does and how it does it. winterboard lets you create a folder in a directory it creates in the system folder called "themes". what you do in there, is create directories that are identical (but in a fashion thats easier and a lot of the major directors for theming is built into winterboard) to apples current ones, but at the end the image or .plist or any file you want to replace, had a different image or code or whatever your replacing. and winterboard forces the phone to load that one, instead of the default one, enabling you to make any changes to the system that you want without harming the original code.

    C: Why this is bad. seeing as there are no limits or moderators, anyone can replace anything with whatever they please. Apple spent years optimizing this operating system for the hardware to work flawlessly, to the last detail. and most random hackers just dont have that kind of attention to detail. Example: the main image type used on the iPhone interface is .png. although apple, uses a specific variation. they created there own type of png, with the compression information and color spectrums and tags after the image, instead of before it in the code line. this enables the image to be loaded into the integrated video card, which shares the same processor as the main one, to load the image before it decompresses it. this also helps battery, ebcause it saves lots of processor cycles. seeing as the iPhones main harddrive is a flash drive, that is horribly slow. so this makes the drawing of the images considerably faster, because it can decompress it, without either having to work from the drive, or load it into ram, decompress it, and then delete the image from ram after its done. but every single theme, ever, uses regular formatted pngs, with the data before the code. this is no problem on a computer, with fast harddrives, separate video cars, and much bettr hardware, and that don't have to keep the battery times as long as possible running always on as peoples phones, with limited space so its still portable.

    and this slows general performance of the phone to where loading of new images are much slower, and drains battery, just the type of compression used in the png. and not to mention every single time you use the touch screen it has to check to see if you have anything installed to inject code, or permit the original. whicth uses many processor cycles, and drains battery because of this.

    now thats only images, think of what people would do with plists, fonts, apps, and everything else.

    it just makes the phone, well, crap. and the soul reason this phone is so great, is how optimized the operating system is. if they let it run loose like the palm web OS, people would be getting frustrated at how slow there phone always is, and having to monitor closing apps themselves, and so much more.

    apple taking control, is the soul reason for how intuitive, easy use, feature full, glicth-less, and non-jerky the iPhone is, which is all the reasons its successful, and why none of its competitors make it in the same field.

    To sum it up: because people are stupid and will fu*k it up if there given the access, and then people will b*tch at apple that they made a crappy, laggy, no battery, crashing-all-the-time product. you have to remember: the main bulk of people using this product, dont know how it works. and for the people that do, we still have jailbreaking if we feel the need to change something silly, or just have a peice of mind that we have the power to (haha i changed it so that when i type my pass code wrong it says "suck is b*tch instead of saying tryagain). and thank you gehot/devteam for making a jailbreak with jsut as much attenion detail as apple has, so the jailbreaking process itself dosn't mess things up :)

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  • Malcster
    Sep 12, 02:48 PM
    Ok, mines crashing everytime on the gapless playback scan.. Grrr

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  • MacSA
    Sep 4, 02:45 PM
    What I need is a new MBP refresh with 160gig hard drive and no quality issues. A better GPU would be nice also.

    But a new iPod nano sound great since my current one is scratched beyond recognition.

    My wish list, which given it's been forever since Apple has updated the nano, shouldn't be too pie-in-the-sky:

    1. 12 gigs

    2. 20+ hour battery life

    3. Scratch resistent

    Battery life is the biggest issue with the iPod for me, Apple really need to work on it with the next updates.

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  • janstett
    Mar 19, 08:36 AM
    i'm not 100% sure, but you could swap the hd on your photo with a 240gb hd,
    many have done this before.
    (i'm sure you can do it with the "thick" 5g ipod, the 4g ipod may have a different hd connector)
    i think the 5g ipod is the best piece of engineering ever made to listen to music outdoor.
    i've never liked the "innovative" split screen software on 6g (classic), and my 80gb was somewhat slow and suffered click wheel issues, never fixed.
    i really regret i've sold my 5g 60gb white ipod.. i've paid it 450€ 5 years ago!!! :eek:

    I've done it on two 5.5g iPods. The problem is iTunesDB on the iPod breaks down when you get to around 33,000 songs (and Rockbox doesn't do any better). Nobody really gets it right anyway, I bought a 500 gb Android Tablet (Archos 5) and it too breaks down around 33,000 songs.

    I'd love to see a big iPod classic or a touch with a HD. But for now I have to settle for streaming to my phone with AudioGalaxy. But then you have to deal with loss in quality and bandwidth restrictions on both your home ISP and your cell provider.

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  • kuebby
    Apr 12, 09:54 PM
    And do you know how long it takes to assemble one?

    I'm not sure, though I am sure it's a closely guarded secret, considering how secretive Foxconn is in general. I heard the other day that an AP photographer was beaten by their security guards after they caught him taking pictures near the factory, though I can't seem to find the story now.

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  • phinsup
    Mar 12, 02:05 PM
    Wonder when the air will get updated, I have been waiting for something with a little more memory. or is the air pretty much dead now with the ipad?

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  • Schtumple
    Mar 1, 05:07 AM
    Red Stop Button

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  • steveh
    Apr 13, 04:39 PM
    I just wonder if there is any upgrade pricing strategy. No matter what - $299 is A STEAL!

    Specifically addressed after the main demo.

    No upgrade pricing, versions, etc.; one price, from the app store. Period.

    Considering the current FCS price...

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  • DJinTX
    Mar 25, 01:10 PM
    Yes, for the correct address write to:

    Battery Life
    666 Apple Drive
    Cupertino CA 90210

    BTW: 4.3.1 turned my 3GS white

    Odd that it isn't also at 1 infinite loop. Hmmm, maybe this is their 'area 51' of sorts. I feel a conspiracy coming on.

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  • thejedipunk
    Aug 3, 05:50 PM
    Screw the phone and new iPods. Stupid analysts and Mac insurrgents. I want to see what Leopard can do to make my Mac experience easier/better.

    If it can make breakfast for me, then I'll be camping outside the Apple store here in Irvine for my copy, come the release date.

    Seriously, you people are over anaylzing everything. I mean really, what more can you get out of a DVD that has a black X and leopard print on it? Black MBP's? Maybe in hell.

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  • Noeld
    Jan 11, 04:38 PM
    I think maybe a bunch of air themed releases

    New laptop light as air
    with built in 3G chip to get data over the air

    Itunes movie rentals, updated apple tv, and slingbox for iphone is on the air

    current iphone gets improved bluetooth for listening over the air, Google maps gets triangulation for getting location over the air, Starbucks lets you order coffee over the air

    New iPhones will have 3G to let you download faster over the air and GPRS for getting your location over the air.

    New and current iPhone to be able to make calls over wifi

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  • KingYaba
    Sep 23, 12:39 PM
    The studios generally charge Wal-Mart a wholesale price of $17.95 for new DVDs, while Apple is paying Disney a wholesale price of about $14.50 per film, according to a studio source.
    Go figure...

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  • peterjhill
    Jul 23, 12:45 AM

    I have been waiting for the release of Sony's product. As a network engineer, I would love to download all of Cisco's PDF release notes and command references and have them at hand. I would also be able to upload pdfs of network maps. Plus it will be able to deal with RSS feeds, so I could subscribe to NYT feeds and have a personal newspaper.

    If the ipod can top the ereader, it will drive sony crazy.

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  • Nipsy
    Oct 14, 04:07 PM
    Originally posted by Source
    Again, you've made some good points, Nipsy. But you're so childish in the way you present your replies, with stupid and pointless remarks about things that i haven't addressed and wouldn't care to address, that i'm not about to take you seriously.

    You have insulted me and since you are taking my responses so personally, i will respond in like.

    Originally posted by Source
    If you're going to whine about it constantly and then get upset with someone who says it's not good enough, then you're just a stupid hypocrit.

    Now, I'd love if you could quote an insult from me.

    "business acumen"? Hahaha. Grow up, kid. You have demonstrated that you know nothing of the computer industry or the position that Apple holds, but merely fabricated what position YOU think Apple holds, "as a shareholder". You haven't admitted when you were wrong and you're just blindly arguing for Apple.

    I know the following. Apple is turning a profit in a crappy market. Apple layoffs have been light. Apple is not a company with the recources (based on market cap) to fab its own chips. These are things which you can verify for yourself.

    Originally posted by Nipsy
    You're correct about C# (do you call it c sharp, c pound, c hash, or c octothorpe ). I brain farted there.

    I never said anything about us designing chips for Apple and to even bring that up is moronic. It doesn't add to the argument or make a point, it's just suggesting that i said something that i didn't. If you can't see that, then kindly re-read my posts before replying.

    No, but you suggested that we should rally around some cause (design chips, boycott Apple, etc.) and vocalize. I merely pointed out that neither would do any good.

    You are not getting kudos for making good points, you are getting kudos for making popular replies. The ones that most Mac users here want to hear - How much Apple owns and how they have a masterplan that, mysteriously, never seems to quite work out for them, now does it.

    When we started this argument, I observed that executive teams at publicly traded companies prolly knew more than you about what was happening. A day later, with have a 64 Bit IBM chip, with many sources (,, etc.) independently confirming it is to become an Apple part.

    Hmmmm.....looks like it worked out to me.

    Well it seems as though Apple has gone with IBM, so part of their "plan" is to improve chip speed, just as i suggested they should.

    Without you, I'm sure they'd be gunning to slow things down. I'm sure you'll be back to tell us how this 1.8 GHz 64 bit Power4 derivative is slow compared to the 3.8 GHz PIV next year.

    I never suggested that the only way for Apple to survive is purely chip speed, i suggested that that is a major part of it and to say it isn't is moronic.

    I guess it's a good thing I haven't, else you could call me a moron.

    In the end, Nispy, we have agreed on many points and if this whole argument had gone a little better, without petty, childish insults on your part, which i'm ashamed to say that i have contributed to in this last post, and complete missunderstandings of my posts, we could have come to some kind of constructive conclusion. Clearly that wasn't your aim.

    Originally posted by Source
    If you're going to whine about it constantly and then get upset with someone who says it's not good enough, then you're just a stupid hypocrit.

    Again, please, show me an insult of mine.

    I just hope you have achieved whatever you intended to with your childish endeavors in this thread.

    I let you know later, it's my nap time, and I need a daipy change.

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  • Demoman
    Aug 29, 08:57 AM
    According to the Wikipedia article, a Home Basic upgrade is only $99.95, which is cheaper than the standard $129 for OS X releases. Then again, education customers can often get Mac OS for around $70 in some cases, if I'm not mistaken. I don't know if there will be education discounts for Vista or how much they will be. With so many versions and price points for Vista and an unknown price tag for Leopard, it's very complicated to make comparisons...

    Now one of the big questions is, who can get a Home Basic upgrade and how much are Home Basic users missing out on if they get that as opposed to Aero, etc.? No one knows for sure all the details at this point and we won't know for sure until official announcements are made. Although I would take OS X over Windows any day, we have to be cautious I think before saying Mac's upgrades are cheaper than Windows'. It looks like in many cases they will be, but not necessarily in all cases.

    You are mixing apples and oranges here sport. Vista BASIC does not have any comparison in the Apple world. You have to compare the Premium version of Vista.

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  • aftk2
    Aug 3, 06:06 PM
    Off topic I know, but that iPod release thread is even better than Slashdot's 2001 coverage of the original iPod.

    "$400 for an Mp3 Player!

    I'd call it the Cube 2.0 as it wont sell, and be killed off in a short time...and it's not really functional."

    And the award of prescience goes to:

    "We live in the YEAR 2001... not 6000 years from now when ridiculously awsome technology will exist. No other mp3 player has a harddrive like this... 5gigs... **** yeah. A rio of the same size offers 64megs. Jesum Crow, get over your moping.. .this is revolutionary.... plus it's just the beggining. This device litterally bests anything on the market by about 100x"

    and to:

    "Apple hit a HOME RUN with this thing, and just as always proved that there's no one that can make products like them. Way to go Apple!"

    (To which a hilarious response is:)

    "Without a future. This Christmas you will see mp3 players be commoditized. Meaning that the players from Korea will be way less expensive tha iPod."

    Too funny. That's why I reserve judgement. :)

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  • daveheinzel
    Mar 25, 12:52 PM
    The reason the iPad's file size is so large (593MB) is because it has to install a camera on the top of the iPad, and if you go into the Settings> General> Bezel, you can now change it from Black to White (or vise versa) whenever you want.

    This is an awesome update, hurry, download it.

    No onions.

    Thanks for clearing that up. I had the Dremel in hand and was about ready to drill the hole for the camera - glad it's going to install it on top! That way I can revert to the previous version, right? Also, if I jailbreak my cheeseburger, will it get wifi like the fries, or is that just a myth?

    Aug 3, 05:24 PM
    When new products are released in a keynote like the one coming up, are they normally ready to ship?

    It just depends. Motorola was notoriously slow at ramping up production of new chips. Consequently, Apple would release new hardware and buyers would have to wait 1-3 months to receive them. That has since improved since Apple got a lot of bad press from that practice. I'm guessing that you'll have to wait a couple weeks for conroe & woodcrest based systems and perhaps a month for merom.

    Apr 14, 04:47 PM
    AGAIN, let me restate the following:

    - Brazil has one of the most expensive workforces in the world - please don't think that the world's second-biggest Western democracy is the same as an Asian sweatshop - Apple or Foxconn are NOT going there because of cheap labor - it's a much more strategic reason, along with lower logistical costs;

    - Upper-level salaries in Brazil are ALREADY higher than in the US or Europe, for reasons of economic growth and increased demand for skilled positions. A C-level executive in BR earns an average of $520,000, as opposed to some $400,000 in the US and Europe.

    HAHAHHA are you retarded? Of all places with such high division of upper and lower class you are going to use Brazil when comparing to the US? C-Levels will not be the ones on the factory floor. Spend 5 seconds on google and you are going to see a much different view in terms of labour cost. In fact I'm a little disappointed you would even argue that cheap labour is not one of the benefits of Brazil. You must be out of touch. FYI monthly salary will be wayy south of $500/month. Hate to tell you this but Foxconn is the highest exporter in % of GDP for ALL of China (I think they proven their competency.).. and are an arm chair president with tons of misinformation.

    Oct 10, 03:23 PM
    Hello all..I just stepped over to the Mac World about a month ago, here is what I use and loving every minute of it :D

    Aug 3, 12:16 AM this moment, it's not a problem most Mac users need to worry about. But blowing it off completely is sophomoric at best.

    Yup. As others have said, this isn't an Apple specific problem, but its good to expose the flaws found and get them sorted. Nothing really to see here, move along.

    Dang video keeps stalling on me. We much be flooding it with requests.

    Oct 12, 11:06 AM
    That is fine. I'm not telling you what your opinion should be. I'm just saying, I found the story to be quite good, and all of the levels seemed very logical in their order and importance. The fact that you missed all the dates in all the cutscenes might explain why you found them to be "random" in their occurrence. The story was VERY far from rubbish, in my opinion.

    I think it boils down to expectations. If you are happy living another chapter of the story, then it's ok. If a player is anticipating a "new" experience, I'd agree that there is room for disappointment from a story perspective. However I thought the space flying was fun. If I critique it, story wise there seems to be no revelations regarding mankind's prequel pre-Halo encounter with the Covenant. Their on Reach, mostly run around and fight'm. I think it confirms it's time to put the Halo story to bed.

    My favorite Halo games are the original and Halo 3. Halo 3 is amazing. No surprises there? :)

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