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  • mattwolfmatt
    Sep 28, 04:57 PM
    If this is the iPhone of houses, I guess my house is the Zune of houses. Or perhaps a 1st Gen nano . . . old, small, and ugly.

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  • Popeye206
    Mar 29, 05:13 AM
    Game developers. World of Warcraft. Adobe. Microsoft. All of these developers not only do not distribute on the App Store but can not due to the App Store's TOS. I like the App Store but the control/terms keep a lot of great programs (like World of Warcraft, which one the Apple Design Award multiple times I think) out.

    What???? 30% is too much for them? Or is there something else in the terms that drive them away?

    My friend... I use to work for Adobe and it's not the 30% margin keeping them away. 30% is normal for distribution.

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  • markw10
    Nov 24, 07:09 PM
    and now it just came up and I don't see any sales. Am I wrong? It seems they are gone and had the idea this is a 24 hour sale. I wasn't going to cut my order close to midnight but it's 6PM mountain time now.I never expected it to end this soon. I'm hoping this is a mistake. I was going to order some products anyway so that won't stop me but yet I don't want to order and see the prices back in 10 minutes.

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  • Agent69
    Nov 16, 07:16 PM
    Is EFI supported on AMD based systems? If not, then this would be a problem, as Mac OS X currently requires it.

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  • tigress666
    Apr 25, 11:49 AM
    Doesn't look too bad but on the other hand, the screen doesn't even look that noticeably bigger either (to the point of, "What is the point?"). And if even resizing it like that would make developers have to re-do their apps (I don't know how that works but I've heard people say with how iOS works, re-sizing would mean having to re-program apps), I'd say it's not worth it.

    (I'm one of the ones who don't want a bigger screen due to the fact I don't want a bigger phone and I don't think they could squeeze a bigger one in without sacrificing usability and/or aesthetics. Bezels are useful for giving you some area to grip. This one doesn't look too bad for my concerns but honestly, it doesn't seem to give you a noticeable increase in screen size).

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  • TravisGood
    Jan 5, 04:53 PM
    It's hard to believe that you guys are making this effort to not "spoil".

    Your sensitivity to readers who want an embargo on updates till they can view the QT stream first is unprecedented. I can hardly believe you're doing it! The niche purist audience you attract can't help but appreciate it.

    Me? I'll be logged on to your live site for up-to-the-minute news!

    Keep up the good work. Travis

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  • gugy
    Oct 11, 01:58 PM
    the deadline i think is Nov. 14 when the Zune is coming out. If passes that I would think maybe at MWSF.
    The main goal is the holiday season. After middle of November is too late to launch such a product.
    So I have my fingers crossed for the last week of October. That's the perfect timing.

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  • LightSpeed1
    Apr 25, 01:38 PM
    Is it just me or did Apple keep a tighter lid on this stuff in the past?

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  • rdowns
    Apr 23, 01:15 PM
    The rating system looks ugly and out of place and just adds clutter to the forums.

    Much like the logo in your avatar. :p

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  • Skull Leader
    Sep 12, 08:46 AM
    Does anyone else think selling/running video in iTUNES is a little counter-intuitive?

    Maybe with Disney coming on board it will be called iTOONS! ;)

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  • tk421
    Apr 5, 03:53 PM
    To all the complainers, have you really never sought out an ad? It's not that uncommon:

    Now I recognize iAds aren't as sought after as Super Bowl ads, and the vast majority of people probably aren't interested in this app. But so what? Don't download it.

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  • mac-er
    Jan 8, 08:46 PM
    Thin Macbook, Movie Rental, Announcement of 5 million iPhones sold

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  • cal6n
    May 2, 10:31 AM

    The database at Apple was 'crowd sourced' and you opted in to that when you clicked on 'Accept' in the SLA, but that was a twice-per-day, anonymous, encrypted data packet sent back to HQ.


    Not quite. The data collection dialog was separate from the EULA agreement and was a voluntary opt-in. Whether you chose to opt-in or not did not affect how your device operated.

    Personally, I opted-in. I have no problem helping Apple to maintain their location database.

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  • nosen
    Sep 12, 07:35 AM
    wow! real early! can't believe we have to wait over 4 more hours. :o

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  • TrulyYuki
    Apr 12, 09:52 PM
    I'm quite curious how well this works and if it is worth the hassle. It's not that hard to stick the batter in a pan and toss it in the oven. ;)
    I have a small cupcake obsession. I'd rather bake them then eat them it seems because they often go to waste. you guys have a little obsession with cupcakes, or an obsession with little cupcakes?

    I just want to be clear, that's all. ;)

    Haha. :D That's a good one. I LOL at that! :p

    I have to a wait until the weekend to try it out since I'm working all week. Bummer. Well I'm sure they'll turn out great. I'll let you know then

    A little of both. I have a little obsession with cupcakes and little cupcakes feed that obsession. You know how girls are with little things!

    Yeah. That was funny.

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  • Mord
    Apr 26, 09:04 AM
    Whilst the company shouldn't say 'if you see any fights, jump in the middle of them', those employees should know full well that it isn't ok to watch and laugh as someone is getting the tish kicked out of them! Who was the man in the Blue shirt at the start of the video? he tried to break it up at first but seemed to then let it carry on.

    I believe that was the manager, I don't know for sure. He walked a thin line IMO.

    This guy was more than capable of defending himself...

    As rdowns says, your attitude is simply offensive and is wearing incredibly thin. Have you even watched the video? The victim was not a man, did not have a male physique and was not capable of defending herself. You're just offensive for the sake of being offensive at this point.

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  • ron dj
    Sep 12, 02:56 AM
    so true. I wonder if the new iPod's will have a longer battery life, god I'd hope so with Movies and their lengths.. if not, there goes the whole legal electronic Movie business, haha, or at least for Apple.. until they then provide longer battery life. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

    btw, I'm also (located) in MI.

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  • nosen
    Sep 26, 09:15 PM
    After all of the comments about how great Aperture ran, and considering how crappy it was running on mine, I decided to take into the Apple Store.

    The video card is defective and they are replacing it. No wonder my experience with the program stunk.

    wow, that's good news (kind of)! hope it improves your experience... :)

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  • aardwolf
    Sep 28, 02:25 PM
    This house can be yours too for the low price of 399,999.99 (or 349,999.99 with a 10-year contract.). Of course, version 2.0 will be out in 12 months that makes this house obsolete.

    Mar 17, 07:10 PM
    I don't have the same story or friends like you do, so no. In Los Angeles/Orange County, Apple Stores are abundant and within a 20 miles from each other it seems. I do have some people glance at my phone from time to time especially when I am at MetroPCS paying my dad's phone bill. LOL. I don't really care for the attention and keep it incognito most of the time next to my waist.

    But your story doesn't surprise especially if you can come from the UK. iPhone did slip out of the TOP 5 in sales last year. I believe the HTC Desire was the most popular one. One of my favorite reviewers from the UK is James Whatley. He reminds me of Brandon Flowers from The Killers. He despises Apple with a passion. He works for Nokia now, so call him one of those diehard Nokians.

    I think most of the hatred isn't at the iPhone at all but at Apple. No different than hating the Lakers or Yankees. It is too damn popular and people just end up getting sick of it altogether. Not everybody wants to follow the iSheep. People yearn for their own individuality and don't always want something everybody and their grandma has. Think different, remember? In a few years, people will get sick of Android and WP7 too once they start to decline in popularity. All cycles. There was a time when people laughed at Nintendo and are now hip for the casual masses. Every company has their ups and downs. I see the cell phone market similar to the video game market. You build a platform and try to see to sell it fast to attract software developers. Eventually, it declines and you either rest on your laurels for it to become played out or you take the next jump and hope it doesn't alienate your core audience. Sometimes it does just like it does for many popular rock bands. They change it up too much with their music that people can't accept the change anymore. Or you rest on your laurels and become what Nokia and RIM have been the last couple years.

    By 2020, who knows if any of them will still exist or be the most popular OS out there? Every product line can die out eventually. And if they did still exist, it won't be how we see them now.

    Aug 1, 12:51 PM
    well if the argument was to make a completely cross-platform DRM that would work in all media players and on all portable music players, that would be fine with me- especially if napster and all other music stores were being scrutinized too. personally, i think that most people buy from the ITMS after they have an iPod because it's easy. and downloaders aren't demanding that the DRM be licensed to other music players because they are happy with the iTunes-iPod solution. i think these suits are well-intentioned but misdirected. the demand should be for completely cross-platform files- then the music player license issue would work itself out.

    May 4, 01:53 AM
    Apple commercials are bright, uplifting and show how technology enhances the human experience. They show people using iPads, iPhones, MacBooks, etc in everyday situations. However Android Zoom, BB Playbook, Tab are dark, joyless with people abducted by aliens, enveloped and overpowered by machines, etc.

    You mean like that new one for the Droid Charge, where they have that futuristic setting, and with the one glowing white sphere representing the Android OS, and the red glowing sphere representing 4G, and the Droid Charge is the result when they collide?

    I can see the tagline now... "The all-new Droid Charge, by Samsung... it's like your two balls getting mashed together."

    Man, I should totally be in marketing.


    Mar 17, 12:16 PM
    I think its the kid's responsibility here. The OP had every intention of paying for his purchase, but the cashier dropped the ball big time. When you take on a job, you assume the responsibilities that come with it. Making a mistake that big will have consequences. I would hate to have someone that makes mistakes like that working for me.

    Sep 28, 12:14 PM
    Oh i'm sure there will be LOTS of technology in the house.

    I bet he'll be able to control everything via an app on his iPhone.

    The house itself doesn't need to be HUGE. He can still apply a lot of technology into the house making it worth millions!

    I don't think so -- yes it will have updated technologies, probably for energy efficiency. Jobs is not Bill Gates. He went for simple and clean and sometimes technology can muddle that goal.

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