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  • NT1440
    Mar 4, 02:10 PM
    They realize that a hand-out is NEVER the same as a hand-up, and that wealth earned is not generally earned at the expense of others, but rather to their benefit.

    What truly amazing rhetoric. :rolleyes:

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  • snberk103
    Apr 15, 02:38 PM

    If your argument is that security changes post 9/11 have made things better than the previous decade, I think showing it via statistics will be shaky at best. Zero passenger-carrying hijacks in the U.S. in the decade before 9/11 followed by zero passenger-carrying hijacks in the U.S. in the decade after 9/11 is not a statistic you can make a very solid conclusion off of.

    My only claim is that something the TSA is doing is working to help prevent hijackings. This was in response to some arguments that nothing airport security was doing was in fact useful. If you go back, you will see I quoted both TSA and European stats, not just TSA. And that while there may have been no passenger hijackings in the 90s in the USA, there were a couple in Europe, and one in Japan. And then nothing in Europe and Japan or the USA since 9/11. Which I believe is due to increased airport security, similar to what the TSA does.

    That's all I'm saying. I'm not advocating for the current screening, just refuting some baseless arguments that it's a total waste of money ("baseless" as in - "it's my opinion, and I'm not presenting any evidence to support it"). Opinions are fine, and everyone is entitled to them. Just don't expect me to accept an opinion as fact, if I can support my opposing opinion with at least some evidence.

    (I'm using Japan and Europe 'cause they also have a tradition of terrorist organizations targeting their planes, and because they "harmonized" their screening standards to the TSA. No choice, if they wanted to continue flying their planes into or over US airspace. Other countries may have also harmonized (like Canada) but either they don't have a tradition of terrorism, or I don't have enough info about them.)

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  • Abstract
    Sep 7, 07:35 PM
    George Bush doesn't care about black people, but STEVE DOES!

    *Kanye hugs Steve*

    Take a photo.
    Print the advert.

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  • neilmacd
    Apr 25, 12:45 PM
    First image is a good mockup but is most probably a fake.

    The gap between the screen in the top right hand corner is wider than the gap in the middle and bottom. Or is it just my eyes?

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  • strabes
    Apr 29, 03:47 PM
    Bummer, I really liked the iOS-style scrollbars. My favorite thing about Lion is the inverted scrolling. It feels more natural on a touchpad once you get used to it.

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  • ten-oak-druid
    Apr 15, 09:30 PM
    Yes and Palm smartphones and Blackberries never existed before the iPhone.

    They were "called" smart phones. But the iphone defined the direction the iphones of the future would take.

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  • charlituna
    Apr 8, 02:30 PM
    I realize this is a rumor site, but posting conflicting rumors in the same day is getting obnoxious. Is there ANY fact checking at all?

    MacRumors always checks their facts. How dare you suggest otherwise. And it is a fact that TechCrunch posted a story that said . ..

    Best Buy = Worst Buy.. I hold my opinion that they are worst buy.

    I don't have a problem with Best Buy per se. Just some of their sales people and store managers. They are undertrained for what they are talking about (so what is the Z12q rating on this Mac again?) or just way pushy about their Geek Squad etc.

    My way around there is to go in to window shop and then I price check around and if it turns out that Best Buy has the best price I'll order online for in store pick up and avoid the floor staff. A win all the way around

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  • GuardBoy98
    Oct 6, 11:31 AM
    Very clever. I tend to agree, but I waited two years after the release of the original iPhone for Verizon to offer something comparable that wasn't a Blackberry. Fortunately, I live in Atlanta (can't believe I just typed that sentence ...) where AT&T's service is just fine. Anyone who thinks it's bad here should go try to download a 100k photo in NYC on a Monday afternoon. Impossible! I think Starbucks has a better network with their AT&T wifi!

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  • Bonte
    Oct 29, 10:26 AM
    Remember the years of the clones? Apple is a whole widget company. They will not suceede by emulating M$ and selling software to other peoples hardware. Ever.

    Steve wasn't on board with the first clones and Apple wasn't on Intel yet, in my eyes there have been clear signs (now and in the past) that Apple and Steve are still open for the idea of licensing osX to other vendors if necessary. There big time investors also won't take 'just because' as an answer to why Apple won't license there OS, if the growth stops than there is no alternative.

    Don't forget hell did froze over several times lately.

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  • luminosity
    Oct 3, 12:17 PM
    i guess the countdown starts about now :).

    hard to believe its been nine months since macworld 2006.

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  • iJohnHenry
    Apr 13, 05:16 PM
    It was so obvious that the little girl was carrying a weapon of mass destruction.

    Yes, she slayed me with cute.

    Poor child. Now she'll need counselling.

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  • RawBert
    Apr 29, 01:20 PM
    Damn, I can't wait for the public release of this.

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  • twoodcc
    May 13, 11:21 AM
    well i'm not totally sure yet, but it looks like one of my systems is down already! i'll have a better idea later tonight though. i might look into having a remote login system, so i'd know sooner if something is wrong.

    i'm gonna have to cut it back to 3.5 ghz just to be safe i think

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  • BRLawyer
    Jan 6, 05:09 PM
    Tks, MR...that's just what I wanted, after leaving work on Tuesday...NO SPOILERS!!! ;)

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  • Hephaestus
    Mar 18, 08:57 PM
    alright dude, sorry for the rant. but based on your response, you're really not getting my point, so I'm going to stop trying.

    No I get your point, and on reflection maybe envy was too strong a word. I don't know man I'm just going to give up too. :p

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  • twoodcc
    Dec 10, 09:35 PM
    For an H50, that's still too high temps for an OC. My 930, under -smp 8 settings with an H50 runs at 65C and 38C idle.

    what case do you have?

    i'm actually have problems with my northbridge temps on the asus. i think it's the motherboard. right now i have the case open and a box fan blowing air on it

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  • Rot'nApple
    Mar 24, 11:02 PM
    Now I feel really old with all this OS X ten celebrations! Doesn't help that I started with System 6.....

    System 7 version for me and my FIRST EVER computer, a Performa 6200CD my friend and I purchased on August 15, 1995 as we were the only two "Thinking Different" in our local CompUSA store at midnight amongst all the exuberant Windows people getting their Windows 95 OS... Then 8.6 with my PowerMac Blue and White G3 tower, then OS X Tiger 10.4 with my FIRST INTEL CHIP IN A MAC EVER, 24" White iMac, and then with my MacBook Air, FIRST LAPTOP EVER, the second gen, with OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, and iOS 3.2 to 4.3 iPad first gen 3G 64 GB, and maybe iPhone 5, we'll see but definitely looking forward of the further demo of OS X 10.7 Lion... Ah the memories... Thanks again Apple and Happy Birthday, again, OS X. :apple:

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  • MacVault
    Sep 12, 07:25 AM
    I can't imagine why Apple would have an event like this if there was going to be only Disney content available.

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  • Rt&Dzine
    May 4, 03:27 PM
    The hypocrisy from those of you on the left on this issue is pretty clear. If this was the GLBTA trying to pass a similar law regarding homosexuality, etc. you'd have no problem with it.

    Because being a homosexual is just like owning a gun. They're both choices. :rolleyes:

    Oct 4, 02:16 PM
    Thank god. My first MWSF (been saving up for it), with the primary reason being: Steve Jobs.

    To listen a keynote about his retirement? :rolleyes:

    Sep 25, 01:00 PM
    LAME! Apple you suck.

    Jul 22, 06:15 PM
    Not sure what the fuss is all about. I haven't had the "issues" that everyone seems to raising soo much sand about....but I bought a bumper to protect the phone. It's a device made by humans and it can malfunction.........didn't we know that already?

    My iPhone 4 works better in my home theater system than the interference and no 3G didn't work correctly half the time. So....maybe the antenna attenuation actuals helps in doors........(kidding):D

    Apr 3, 08:35 PM
    Can't the police get a warrant for the IP address? I think if they have a warrant above their heads they might "find" a IP address. All the information they get from a xbox or 360 that gets on XBL they HAVE to know the IP.

    Patrick J
    Apr 15, 03:59 PM
    This would be popular with suicides (cut throat sharp edges) and PC users (device has numerous huge holes which may or not have a function).

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