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  • dongmin
    Oct 19, 03:08 PM
    Do you believe that the perpetual delay of Microsoft's Vista OS is allowing Apple to temporarily grab up some of the markey share? I'm not saying that people who would otherwise purchase a Wintel machine are switching to Mac because Vista is not out, but rather that some percentage are waiting to buy their new Core2Duo machine (or other upgrade to their current box) until they can get an full release version of Vista preinstalled on it.

    Just a conjecture, but I thought it was worth considering. I suppose we'll find out in the first two quarters of 2007 when Microsoft decides that they're ready to release that bad boy on the world . . .

    [JDOG, your post came in while I was still typing mine . . . sorry for the repeat]We're talking about hardware here, not OS. So Vista should have very little effect on Apple's PC marketshare, unless of course Vista's release encourages people to buy new PCs from Dell, HP, etc.

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  • R.Perez
    Apr 27, 06:56 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_2 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8H7 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Really? That doesn't matter? Well then why don't we have men compete in all the women's events at the Olympics? Oh wait, it does matter

    I'm not defending the attackers. I think it was terrible. Horrifying video. It's hard to believe people are like this.

    I do think this whole "biology doesn't matter, it's how you feel in your heart" nonsense is obviously nonsense.

    He has every right to dress like a girl. I don't even mind if he uses a female bathoom. But those things don't make someone female. The characteristics that allow doctors to assign genders to new-borns do not change as people get older.

    You are equating biological / genetic sex and gender as the same thing.

    They aren't.

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  • Pressure
    Oct 19, 10:23 AM
    Aye, international numbers would be good to see.

    Good news for Apple :)

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  • Coolerking
    Sep 12, 07:51 AM
    You can't even check on orders already placed at The store is down.

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  • Ugg
    May 4, 07:51 PM

    If I bring my child in for a checkup, physical, broken arm or runny nose the doctor really has no business asking questions that are not pertinent to the treatment of my child. He certainly has no business asking if I have guns in my house if I bring my kid in there for a physical or runny nose.

    Dr Choi made this point, "or if children can't play in their front yard for fear of gun fire, it is my problem too." Maybe his focus is on urban kids who live in high crime areas but given that most of the high profile firearm massacres in the past few years were suburban, it seems silly to split hairs, doesn't it?

    Do you feel that it's none of the doctor's business if you use a car seat for your child? What if he asked if you make sure the cleaning supplies and anti-freeze are locked up? Is that irrelevant?

    Dr Choi also makes the point that in 30,000 people were killed with guns (

    In 41,059 people were killed in automobile accidents.

    What are doctors for?

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  • BongoBanger
    Apr 11, 03:18 AM
    It was funny. Stop crying.

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  • Clive At Five
    Oct 3, 01:36 PM
    The Intel powered Macs and iLife got the lion's share of the MWSF2006 keynote and iWork only got a few slides showing improvements to Keynote and Pages got so I am hoping iWork (new spreadsheet app and a very improved Pages) gets some good airtime at MWSF2007.

    Right! We've all but forgotten about "Numbers" or whatever they're calling it. "Sheets?" I've forgotten what the latest name is.


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  • nfl46
    Apr 15, 04:33 PM
    People FAIL to realize that the case could have been taken with a iPhone 3G or something of that sorts. These are not high quality pictures so its not going to look perfect. Because one pictures has a spot on it and the other doesn't, does not mean the pictures are fake.

    Nevertheless, I don't like the back casing. Oh well, MOST of us are going to have a case on it anyway. So, we won't be seeing it.

    The screen looks bigger...well the case looks longer. A 3.7" screen perhaps?

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  • razzmatazz
    Sep 12, 07:25 AM
    Man I'm going to be at school while this is all going on. Hmm...time to play sick :rolleyes: :D

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  • firewood
    Mar 24, 09:33 PM
    I had a Apple PowerMac 7100 with an external HD so I could dual boot into an Apple distribution of MkLinux, circa '96 to '99. I may still have the MkLinux CD somewhere.

    And before that there was A/UX for some 680x0 desktop Macs, which was too expensive for me to try, IIRC.

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  • cult hero
    Mar 24, 09:26 PM
    Downhill since Tiger.

    I don't think I've ever seen such a consistent troll on any forum.

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  • minnesotamacman
    Sep 12, 07:41 AM
    I just opened iTunes and it ask me if I wanted to update...

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  • Macnoviz
    Oct 11, 01:53 AM
    I think that would be really great, because now, Zune and iPod are on par, with Zune slightly ahead for consumers that don't think too much (no, it is not widescreen, but try telling that to people)

    Now Apple has a chance to realy boost Christmas sales by just blowing Zune out of the water with a cheaper "music" iPod (30 gigs, no video?, $199) and a video iPod (60/120 gigs, widescreen, touch controls $349, $449)

    I don't know about the specs or prices, but new and better iPods could kill Zune in it's first season, before m$ completes the lineup with more players and devices.

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  • mark151
    Sep 12, 08:12 AM
    Italian iTunes (Music) Store is down too, with the black screen.

    and...i've found this

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  • Abstract
    Sep 7, 09:27 PM
    ^^It doesn't suck at all.

    Kanye West is one of the most amazing things to happen to hip-hop in the past several years.

    Anyone get his new album yet? I haven't ... I need to pick up a copy.
    Yeah I've got a copy. Actually, I downloaded it, but I was under the impression that the album itself wasn't out yet.

    Or maybe it is in the US, but not in Oz. :rolleyes:

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  • jetjaguar
    Apr 9, 07:04 PM
    typophone 4 and typophone weather
    It works well with the current jb 4.3.1 since there is little black bar that shows up on lockscreen wallpapers that are not plain black.

    how do you change the weather location .. ive looked everywhere ..
    when i click on the actual weather on the lockscreen all i have is maryland and greece ?

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  • lmalave
    Oct 20, 09:59 AM
    When will we see these numbers broken out into business/enterprise vs. consumer?

    Seriously, Apple is pretty much a non-factor in the enterprise. There simply is no integration, no large-scale server application use other than web, and few enterprise-ready applications. There's no Biztalk/Websphere/SQL/Oracle running on Apple outside of a few educational institutions. Microsoft and IBM own the enterprise and considering Apple in an enterprise outside of some limited marketing/advertising/media/audio verticals is absurd. I personally deal with 130 companies that have 500-250k computers and Apple is simply not a factor at all.

    However, in the consumer world it's a very different story. Apple has the potential to continue making huge inroads into the consumer/home user/SOHO segments where the lack of enterprise applications means little if anything.

    I'd like to see the numbers of how Apple compares in the home segment rather than just the overall. Why can't we see this broken out?

    Hmm...well another thread mentioned a survey that something like 18% of consumers are considering buying a Mac. I'll bet in the lasest quarter, Apple broke 10% in the consumer market. This is a good strategy for Apple. Macs have a chance to make inroads in the consumer market, whereas they have no chance in the corporate market. Even things like XServe and XRaid are marketed to industries where the Apple is still relatively strong (e.g. video production, scientific research).

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  • grmatt
    Apr 6, 07:50 AM
    And what was the motivation of the third party app makers? To make a fast buck out of serving ads to people more interested in the ad than the product. That is bad for advertisers and probably the real reason the app was rejected.

    Who know whether clicks inside this app count as regular impressions? Unlike any third party, Apple is in a position to refund any advertisers for clicks on these ads. If they are doing that then I don't see anything wrong with them releasing this niche product.

    Yup. The developers of said app must've known they were playing with fire. Apple helped these advertisers make their apps, they should be the one allowed to showcase them.

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  • Chundles
    Sep 12, 03:00 AM
    Zealund?? :confused:


    Damn! I thought I was quick enough.

    I originally had "Noo Zulund" but edited it back, missed the second u, changed it again - not quick enough.

    Mind you, your quote of me wasn't quite quick enough, it's spelt correctly there.

    May 2, 11:54 AM
    "Bugs". That's so funny. Like it wasn't something indented by Big Brother, make that Apple. We truly do have a new evil empire now.
    I presume you have hard proof of this unfounded claim I hope.

    Oct 28, 03:19 PM
    I don't blame Apple. The OSS community abused what they had and turned to piracy by stealing the GUI. Kudos Apple.

    Now that's a stupid thing to say. The OSS community doesnt steal the GUI, the warez community does. And those two really don't overlap much.

    It is true, though, that everyone might use the work of the OSS community, even for illegal purposes.

    Full of Win
    May 3, 03:34 PM
    This is a major setback IMHO...
    I know it is illegal but carriers make tons of cash with their inflated prices... Who protects us from that?

    I guess you mean legal? We protect ourselves by not signing on the dotted line. Nothing says that access to data how we want it is a human right. It's a luxury. I'm not a fan of the carriers, but I was the one who went to them; I was neither forced or fooled into forming a contract with them.

    Apr 21, 10:59 AM
    What additional value does this provide?

    Jul 21, 09:01 AM (

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