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  • cute anime boy with brown hair

  • MacNut
    Apr 22, 01:01 PM
    Just to make a point of how stupid this whole thing is I voted every one of Arn's posts negative.:)

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  • Power: Creates Earthquakes

  • zin
    Apr 5, 04:05 PM
    I wanted to download this but it's not available from my country's App Store.

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  • jav6454
    Dec 10, 06:52 PM
    i took my asus rig apart (that i bought from best buy) and put it in the old case i had. i added 3 fans to it, and i have it running at 3.8 ghz with temps right around 70 C. it has an H50 cooler in it.

    so that's 2 rigs that will be running bigadv units now. i'll keep it at that though. my third i7 920 is running a web server, so just advmethods on it

    For an H50, that's still too high temps for an OC. My 930, under -smp 8 settings with an H50 runs at 65C and 38C idle.

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  • maflynn
    Apr 11, 08:29 AM
    Also Aero Peek,
    control-tab and windows (command key?)-tab offer some cool ways to swap around active applications.

    MS has done a lot of good work with the UI, in terms of polish and making it look very nice. Apple on the other hand still lacks a complete consistent look and feel. Just look at iTunes and the horizontal traffic lights.

    Apple has a long history of implementing UI guidlines and then breaking them in their own apps. OSX itself exhibits this, though with SL, its gotten better.

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  • Anime Boy Hairstyles

  • CyberBob859
    Jan 15, 10:34 PM
    but I really thought the MacBook Air was going to be the "One more thing.." (which they didn't do.)

    Since I was just thinking of upgrading my router from a Linksys to Airport Extreme, the announcement of Time Capsule was a welcome surprise. The pricing is pretty competitive when you consider what a 1 TB external firewire + Airport Extreme router would cost. (Although I do like the Drobo a lot, its pretty expensive once you add drives in it.) Time Capsule will be nice for Time Machine on both my iMac and MacBook.

    Apple TV got off life support today. The iTunes movie rental announcement is HUGE, considering that ALL the major movie studios are onboard. It supports HD (720p is OK by me for now) and 5.1 surround sound, and doesn't require a computer for purchases or rentals. Too bad I don't have a widescreen HDTV, or I may actually buy one, but at least I can rent movies for my MacBook and/or iPod when I travel.

    Since I don't own an iPhone or iPod Touch, the announcements here didn't do much for me. Tracking your location without a GPS is cool, and multiple messaging is fine, but to me, these are just evolutionary updates. Charging $20 for upgrading the iPod Touch is unfair, but might be related to accounting practices and reporting. I will be more excited about the iPhone and iPod Touch once the SDK comes out and third party apps are developed. (I want a SlingBox client.)

    The MacBook Air is a really nice design. It shows what Apple is capable of pulling off. But, like a supermodel or Paris Hilton, they may nice to look at, but have limited usefulness beyond their outward appearance. You can't upgrade the hard drive, the processor is slower than what you can get on a MacBook Pro or even MacBook, and there are fewer ports to hook devices up to. The Air is the new fashion item for the rich and wannabe famous.

    What I found interesting what WASN'T announced:

    1) no 10.5.2 updates to fix Leopard bugs

    2) no updates to MacBook or MacBook Pro. I REALLY thought those machines would get new slimmer designs and lose some weight (but not as radical as the MacBook Air), while retaining the current electronics.

    3) nothing about the Mac Mini and any new updates.

    But Steve Jobs did say at the end of the presentation that they still have 50 weeks to go for new announcements, so maybe something will happen with the other products during the year.

    Overall, I would say it was an interesting MacWorld, but aside from Time Capsule and the movie rental announcement, there wasn't anything here that will make me buy new hardware right now.

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  • infidel69
    Mar 28, 02:48 PM
    What exactly is a 'hater'? Someone that disagrees with the company line? Someone with a dissenting opinion?

    Consultant is the opposite of a hater which is just as bad really. Apple can do no wrong in his eyes, I think he's in love with Steve Jobs or something.

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  • Crying anime boy by ~Hachi16

  • twoodcc
    May 13, 11:21 AM
    well i'm not totally sure yet, but it looks like one of my systems is down already! i'll have a better idea later tonight though. i might look into having a remote login system, so i'd know sooner if something is wrong.

    i'm gonna have to cut it back to 3.5 ghz just to be safe i think

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  • Shannighan
    Jan 15, 04:45 PM
    SJ announced 4 m iPhones sold. I believe I read some days ago that 5 m have been expected??
    Maybe I'm wrong. But if not, we learned today that iPhone and Apple TV aren't doing well. Apple should refocus on their core business before to many Mac customers leave disappointed.

    for a single phone to sell 4million, i think thats amazing!

    rim only has 20% more smartphone holding and think of all the versions that it has and how many years has the blackberry been around? atleast 5, problaby way more then that.

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  • Xian Zhu Xuande
    Jul 21, 09:50 AM
    I kinda get a kick out of all the whining coming from people over Apple's decision to actually address this. I imagine much of that whining is coming from the same people who were posting, "LOL! Suck it Apple! Look at those commercials bashing your broken iPhone 4!"

    The PR over this antenna thing got to a point where Apple had to respond. They were being targeted over this by their competitors in commercials and it seemed as if that trend was only going to pick up. It is silly and ignorant to expect them to take that lying down when they actually can demonstrate the same issue on competitor phones.

    And by the way, about the dB thing: I really would love to see those numbers too, but frankly, to the general population it is the bars that matter, and for these other phones to lose such a majority of bars means they've either got bars every bit as misleading as Apple's were (or more), or they're suffering a similar loss in dB. It doesn't speak well to some companies' defense that Apple is the only one with this issue in either case.

    LOL, couldn't agree more! This change in attitude is going to be the demise of Apple inc.
    It just wouldn't be an Apple discussion without at least one, "Apple is d00m3d!!!11" comment.

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  • goes by a billion names;

  • iStudentUK
    Mar 17, 09:58 AM
    This thread has 4 groups of people:

    1. The op
    2. People who think it is unethical to knowingly steal
    3. People who are defending him, who have likely done a similar thing in the past and therefore feel attacked by 2s criticism
    4. Philosophy students

    Can I had another? Law students- don't know about the US but in the UK there is a case for theft here (depends on the OP's state of mind though).

    However, I'm thinking this is a


    OP just wants to stir.

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  • Vampire Boy Names

  • Claerion
    Mar 17, 10:57 AM
    What's up with all the [morality] in this thread?
    It's the employees responsibility to know how to use a register and collect the full payment. If the employee is too stupid to actually count the money handed to him then he should be fired. Dumb ass kid.
    I'd be ****ing thrilled if my iPad cost about half price!


    And cpucrash0 what do you think this is a movie? 21? Haha they don't have the resources to watch every single person that walks into the door all the time...

    Gratz on the iPad and enjoy it!

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  • Anime Boy With Brown Hair And

  • overbyte
    Jan 10, 07:09 AM
    dell are making the latitude xt with mutitouch and stylus support (built by n-trig and notable because both actions are governed by the same hardware rather than 2 competing systems as seen on previous touch/stylus tablets)

    it sucks that apple hasn't done anything for it's traditional design audience - i can't believe that i'm actually thinking about going over to pc so that i can do what i want with my hardware rather than waiting for apple to deign to look in my direction


    would be nice if they did tho - asus said the tablet was on it's way and n-trig have hinted about 'other hardware manufacturers' being quite keen on their tech

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  • Anime Boy With Black Hair And

  • NAG
    Jan 12, 09:07 PM
    So gizmodo is responsible for this how? Questioning what makes an online a journalist a journalist and not just a fan site has been going on for some time (aka: before gizmodo turned off a bunch of TVs). You're just scapegoating an easy target. If you have a problem with the conferences and expos limiting press to only a few big names go after that. Not after guys who like to prank people. You'll change nothing by attacking gizmodo.

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  • cute anime boy with brown

  • noripwr
    Apr 15, 07:04 PM
    I love Apple but these are bad news.
    The more competition there is the better products get for the end user! :mad:

    I dislike it when people keep saying that line over and over. Does competition really make products better? Where's the truth in that? If it's truly the case, why do we still see half-baked consumer products for the end user?

    If anything, I feel that there seldom really is a better product for us because of competition. A competing product with better specs does not necessarily result in a better product. And frankly, judging by the gadget industry, Apple's been releasing consumer-satisfied products left and right despite better (in specs) products being released by their competitors.

    Okay. So did competition [from other manufacturers] make Apple release a better product? No. Because from how the Internet reacts, every other manufacturer outspecs Apple and Apple "overcharges for something you can get with much more for much less"

    But Apple does release products to get with the times, however, I feel that Apple products don't need high-end specs to provide consumer satisfaction.

    Besides, the iOS today looks the same as the iOS from the iPhone 1 but with upgrades. Did competition spur Apple into doing the upgrades? I doubt it. They seem to have their own idea of where to direct their OS. Honeycomb on the other hand looks and functions very differently from Froyo. That [design decision] instead seems to be driven by competition.

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  • Guy Stuff, Red Hair Anime Boy,

  • anotherarunan
    Jan 15, 03:22 PM
    Nothing on the cinema displays? Does anyone else think the displays are rapidly loosing market share due to a lack of updates over the last 18+ months?

    i agree. I think it would have made sense to drop them in price in line with the mac pro update...and they didnt

    so i then thought there was something new and radical at macworld...and no.

    only thing i can think of now, is that they will get an update alongside a mac mini update (whenever that happens) because IMO they are starting to look very overpriced!

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  • anime boy dragon

  • citizenzen
    May 6, 10:08 AM
    Go to a firing range and learn about guns, citizenzen- even if it scares and repulses you. Trust me, you'll be all the better for it, and you might learn something about yourself you never knew was there. After all, knowledge is power.

    Here's a little knowledge. Try to empower yourself with it.

    I've shot guns.

    And yet ... somehow ... I'm not bewitched by the thrill of firearms.

    I know. How is that even possible? :eek:

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  • jellybean
    Mar 18, 09:03 PM
    Perhaps the word we should be using is "ignorance" rather than jealousy. Very often the rabid iHaters (in my experience) have had little hands on experience with an iPhone and are quick to dismiss it without having actually seen some of its strengths and what makes it so popular with so many people.

    And that goes two ways: Apple fans can be quick to dismiss Android phones for being "fragmented" or clunky or whatever, when in fact they do have some killer features which Apple could learn from.

    But then there's those who have owned or used one and genuinely don't like it for whatever reason, but I'd bet those people are a lot less quick to attack someone's personal preference like the more ignorant ones are.

    I once had a friend who disliked Macs, and when I asked her why, she said "because they can't run MSN Messenger or browse web forums." :rolleyes:

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  • leekohler
    Apr 16, 05:13 PM
    Lucky girl.

    Yeah, on Friday nights her boyfriend spends all his time on the internet obsessing over gay people. That has to do a lot for her self esteem. ;)

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  • benjayman2
    Apr 8, 06:34 PM
    Portenzo case finally came in as did my beats that I got for $80. Also got an element/atomic copy cat case from DX and a bumper from there as well. Lastly, ordered a new stylus for the laptop. It sucks, but I'm getting a free one because the one they sent was not working. It's a good pen/laser pointer/LED torch though, but that's not why I bought it. Oh I also get some some padded twisty ties, batteries, and air canisters for office upkeep. Funny thing is I'm almost as excited about the padded cable ties as I am with the other purchases :D


    May 4, 10:22 AM
    The first link seems to be saying 4% of doctors read their email on an ipad. Do you think that really matches up with what the advertisement says, is that ground breaking?

    Are you talking about this link?

    If so, I'm not sure how you came up with your statement. It's not even a misreading / misunderstanding. Your statement is just plain wrong.

    Oct 29, 04:40 AM
    So, maybe i'm just crazy or something but i really want to try this. I've been waiting to get a Apple laptop some time now and i think this would be a great intoduction to OSX.

    And now somebody is probably thinking im going to do this the illegal way.. But NO, several of my friends run OSX so no problem in getting OSX.

    I just need help with the install and stuff, so hoped someone else was lose minded enough to help...

    First off i have....
    P4 (Northwood) 2.66Ghz, 533Mhz FSB, stepping 7 revision c1
    Im not sure but think it supports: PAE, SSE, SSE2, MMX

    So what build am i to use, so far as i can see it should be 10.4.6 or 10.4.5???


    And now somebody is probably thinking im going to do this the illegal way.. But NO, several of my friends run OSX so no problem in getting OSX.

    Getting Mac OS X from your friend and installing it onto your pee cee is illegal. You must purchase Mac OS X from Apple or Amazon or whoever.
    Getting OS X without paying for a license (which is what you are insinuating) is illegal. Just because you didn't download the software and got it from a friend doesn't make it legal, dumbass.

    Sep 25, 11:05 AM
    Seems like a solid update to Aperture. I'm curious to see if there is a flickrexport-type feature included in this plug-in api mentioned. That's the one thing I miss from when I previously used iPhoto.

    Sep 12, 01:51 AM
    Daffy Duck is from Warner, not Disney.

    Lol good catch. I'm kind of excited about tommorow its making it hard to sleep argg.

    Full of Fail
    May 3, 02:09 PM
    The promise of an open system doesn't always play out in the real world.

    Just like communism

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