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  • QuintonBermuda
    04-26 10:26 PM
    Sorry, If you read towards the bottom there is talk of eliminating the per country caps...

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  • kdd
    08-24 08:34 PM
    Oh, so it was what skOOb said. Thanks guys! :)

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  • mmandal
    06-11 11:38 AM

    Can someone please let me know whether it is possible / advisable to travel while H1 approval is pending?

    She is currently in H4 with a valid stamp in her passport. She filed for her H1 and was selected in lottery. She has a receipt but her approval is pending.

    We were interested in making a short trip to India before Oct 1. But the consulting firm advised against it as according to them if she re-enters in H4 (even before Oct 1) while her H1 approval is pending, her H1 application will be cancelled and she has to restart the process all over again. Something to do with the last status on re-entry.

    My thoughts are: The change of status will be effective Oct 1, 2008, why would it matter if I travel prior to that date?

    A lot of you may have experienced the same dilemma, so please let me know...


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  • nousername
    07-22 07:51 PM
    No it is not but the chances of getting a stamp is higher or at least it use to me.

    I remember going through the same thing few years back but then economy was not as bad it is today. Always remember the guy's job at US Embassies is to stop people from coming or act like a gate keeper.

    Just carry all your supporting documents like:

    Tax returns
    Offer letter
    Letter from the company stating your continuous employment
    Pay stubs
    Bank statemen
    ts and any assets you might have in the US (property, etc.)

    Good luck


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  • bongbox
    01-26 07:07 AM
    hey sharif do mind telling me what frame rate you used in your site?

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  • gc_vsc
    01-27 04:38 PM
    Many listen to NPR radio . did something on NPR during 1999-2000


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  • sam5
    07-30 05:51 PM
    I am going to complete my 6th year on H-1b, this year end. My I 140 is cleared and I am going to file for 3 years extension. In the beginning of this year, for 3 months pay stubs are not run, due to some personal reasons. Will this affect my renewal of H1. We need to submit 3 pay stubs, before applying for extension. There will be a shortfall of YTD, when compared to actual. Please share your thoughts, who have clear understanding on these. thanking you.

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  • perm_res_app
    07-27 08:48 PM
    Hi folks,

    I am on H1B visa currently, set to expire in two months from now (end of September). I need to get my H1B renewed for the next 3 yrs. Due to unavoidable reasons my lawyer has not been able to file for the renewal yet.

    My questions are -
    1. Do I need to have the approval notice before my expiration date?
    2. I plan to travel internationally in November. Would the receipt notice be acceptable to reenter? Or do I need the approval notice?

    Any suggestions are most welcome. Thanks in advance.


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  • nsb
    08-07 02:02 PM
    If you are going to Nogales after 7th year extension, even if you get 3 years of h1, Nogales consulate gives visa for 1 year.

    I have talked to Visa Officer he refused to give me for 3 years and he told me that it is the policy of Nogales consulate.

    best of luck.

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  • vvicky72
    12-10 07:53 PM
    Does anyone know if we need any special visa for working in Canada if you have a US GC?


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  • WFGC2006
    07-20 02:40 PM
    maybe this question has been asked before, I just couldn't find the thread.

    These days with tons and tons of I-485 applications received every morning, how is USCIS gonna decide which one to process first?

    If it's strictly on "first received, first processed" base, then it may well be that one guy with 3/07 PD date may have his application processed earlier (thus earlier AP and EAD) than one with 5/06 PD date. Simply because the 3/07 PD guy sent out the package much earlier than the 5/06 PD one.

    Do I understand correctly?

    Is this fair, though?

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  • smarth
    07-29 09:51 AM

    Please share your personal experience on the timeframe USCIS response while renewing Advanced parole(I-131) and also share the e-filing address, fee and necessary documents to be posted...



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  • vban2007
    02-15 03:38 PM

    You do not even need to file AC21.. I changed my employer on EAD from H1B and no issue and got GC also.

    Good Luck

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  • cygent
    10-18 06:23 AM


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  • dpp
    06-21 08:28 PM
    In G-325, there is one column for "Applicant's residence last five years".

    For me, I have not submitted my current address by filing AR-11 form. This G-325 is asking my present address plus last addresses. So what should I do? Do I need to send them AR-11 form too?

    You are thinking too much. Just give them past addresses. Do not make it complicate. They are just asking for record purposes. They may verify with credit bureaus if they want to investigate further.

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  • maverick6993
    08-26 10:13 AM
    World's Most Successful Immigrants: Immigrant Bosses Around the World - BusinessWeek (


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  • tamil12
    10-20 05:52 AM
    Get it Notarized with photo and send the document.There are standard formats available.

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  • andycool
    07-29 08:04 AM
    thank u so much for ur prompt reply.
    my husband's priority date is current now so are there any chances for me to get gc now??

    You should get approved soon , its just matter of time . if possible take a infopass and find out where your application is .


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  • tcsonly
    07-24 11:43 AM
    Can you please point me to the thread? Thank you.

    Take some time to search the forums before starting new threads.
    The answer to your question is under Greencard retrogression. It's the first sticky thread with title: " All Priority date transfers and issues discussed here".

    Admins: Please close this thread.


    11-10 06:07 PM
    You can find noraties always at the nearest "Mailboxes Etc".. in the town; they are pricey though at $ 10 per attestation, else you should check your legal department in your work place.

    05-22 03:30 PM
    im not exactly sure what your asking.. tell me exactly what you want to know

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